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Warning! The Scam

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The Scam. MyTEFL is an unaccredited Online TEFL/TESOL course provider, known for taking advantage of its graduates by charging exorbitant fees for job placement services – job placement services that are often changed last minute, with teachers finding themselves placed in accommodation and schools that offer far less quality and teacher satisfaction than what was originally promised to them. MyTEFL is also famous for scamming its job placement students, by withholding a large chunk of their teaching salaries and keeping them indefinitely in the MyTEFL company bank account.

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The scam.

MyTEFL is not a legitimate online TEFL/TESOL certification company | MyTEFL is not a fully accredited online TEFL/TESOL certification courses program.

Trusted TEFL Reviews recommends avoiding MyTEFL.

Is MyTEFL a legit and accredited company?
The scam. Is MyTEFL Legit and Accredited? No. The scam centers around their fake accreditation claims. They claim to be accredited by OTTSA and ITEFLAC. ITEFLAC is obviously a fake TEFL reviews website, and OTTSA was created by a former building manager from the UK – known personally by the management at MyTEFL. Verified customer reviews complain about not being able to use this TEFL/TESOL certification internationally and write that because of this, they lost money and strongly felt they had fallen for the scam.

The main reasons for this Buyer Beware Warning:

  1. MyTEFL claims to be accredited by OTTSA and ITEFLAC. OTTSA was created by a former building manager from the UK, with direct ties to MyTEFL. ITEFLAC is clearly a fake accreditation website.
  2. This program has attempted, on a number of occasions, to get reviews written by their staff employees published on Trusted TEFL Reviews. Trusted TEFL Reviews only publishes verified Online TEFL/TESOL customer reviews – we don’t publish fictitious reviews, self-written by Online TEFL/TESOL programs.
  3. Customers complain, on a regular basis, about the job placement services offered by MyTEFL. If you decide to pay for job placement services offered through MyTEFL and Footprints Recruiting (their sister company) you will almost certainly find yourself being given alternative travel arrangements last minute – finding yourself living in different accommodations than was originally agreed upon and teaching many more hours than was previously agreed. MyTEFL doesn’t only make money from the work they do to help you find a teaching job overseas. They also make money from you by creaming off up to 40% of your monthly salary and keeping a hold of those amounts indefinitely.
  4. A common complaint made by verified customers of this program is that they have easily completed the whole “120-Hour” course within one day, and have further complained that they learned very little during the course.
  5. MyTEFL has been running a 30% Off courses discount, continuously, for the past year. Their ‘limited time’ discount is not limited-time at all.

Instead, we recommend choosing to take your international TEFL/TESOL certification course with a program offering a fully accredited course that is far more recognized internationally than MyTEFL’s.

The four highest-rated MyTEFL fully accredited alternative course options, listed in order of customer review ratings:

  1. TEFL Online Pro
  2. OISE Toronto TEFL
  4. Maximo Nivel TEFL

CIEE TEFL, Maximo Nivel, OISE Toronto TEFL, and TEFL Online Pro are Level 5 and CELTA-equivalent Online TEFL/TESOL certification programs.

TEFL Online Pro verified customer reviews:

OISE Toronto TEFL verified customer reviews:

CIEE TEFL verified customer reviews:

Maximo Nivel verified customer reviews:

CIEE TEFL, Maximo Nivel, OISE Toronto TEFL, and TEFL Online Pro certificates are Fully Accredited and internationally recognized. MyTEFL certificates are not fully accredited and are not internationally recognized.

TEFL Online Pro won the Teachers’ Choice Award in 2019, 2020, 2021, and 2022:

All 46 Online TEFL/TESOL certification course programs currently listed on Trusted TEFL Reviews, ranked in order of customer satisfaction:

The scam.

There are three levels of accreditation: Unaccredited / Accredited / Fully Accredited.

Fully Accredited‘ status is the highest level of accreditation.

MyTEFL is an ‘Accredited’ Online TEFL/TESOL certification program.

This means that the MyTEFL certificate is regionally recognized but not necessarily internationally recognized.

Read more about the different levels of accreditation:

We don’t like having to do this, but our hand has now been forced to do so.

In a previous scam article, we wrote about being defamed online.

It was pretty clear to us that the intention behind the abuse is to try and undermine the credibility of And we wrote that we would try and work out who could possibly be behind these unfounded and completely false allegations.

We now have rock-solid evidence that the defamation is being orchestrated by

This is one example of The Scam.

MyTEFL operates out of Vancouver BC Canada, under the business identity: Footprints Language Education Ltd (Footprints Recruiting).

The long and short of it is that MyTEFL is clearly unhappy with some of their verified customer reviews published on MyTEFL contacted us towards the end of last year, to ask if we could delete the negative reviews. When we explained to them that we wouldn’t be deleting these reviews, they responded with online defamation.

In the past few days, MyTEFL has openly written in an email that they will look into possibly deleting the defaming content if we can look into possibly deleting the reviews – thus adding blackmail into the equation too.

This led us to begin collecting information on MyTEFL and Footprints Recruiting, and we were shocked at what we found.

As a result of MyTEFL choosing to go down the blackmail and defamation route, we have no choice other than to respond by exposing this company’s fraudulent activities. All this information will be added below this written notice in due course.

Therefore, please watch this space for further updates over the coming days.

Mia Williams – Trusted TEFL Reviews

Update: 01.31.2020

At the beginning of this week, Trusted TEFL Reviews reached out to, to politely request that if they were to take down the defamatory materials that they had published online about and refrain from bullying tactics – thus demonstrating a level of professionalism from their end – we would be happy to delete this post and then everyone could just move on without any drama.

Their response was to threaten us with further online attacks.

This is another example of The Scam

And so again, our hand has been forced and we are now proceeding with what our team’s research unearthed regarding and Footprints Recruiting – operating under different company aliases, but for all purposes the same company – headed by the same management.

To make this light and breezy, we will try to reduce text and try to rely on photographic/screenshot evidence…

Warning 1: “Tyler K”

If you have ever communicated with there is a high probability that you communicated directly, or indirectly with the so-called owner of the company: “Tyler K”.

Here are three mugshots of “Tyler K”:

CBC Morning News Interview with Ben Glickman – Co-Owner of Footprints Recruiting Inc. The interview pertains to Christopher Neil – a former ESL teacher in South Korea that was arrested in Thailand on charges of pedophilia. In this interview, we are discussing screening procedures for English teachers in South Korea.

The case in question centered on the almost non-existent vetting procedures of certain recruitment agencies. The above screenshot was taken just as the TV Presenter candidly probed the scraggy tie Ben, whether it was his agency who sent the teacher (“Mr. Swirly Face“) over to South Korea. Here, in his ‘Prince Andrew’ moment, Ben allegedly lies, as our records show that Footprints Recruiting (also operating under ‘Korea Connections’ at the time) did in fact place him directly as a teacher to the Kwangju Foreign School, South Korea.

A further example of The Scam.

And the telling of black lies, and porky pies continue. At that time, he had no children. Yes, he did/does work on ESL101, but if you go to the site and take a closer look, you can see that he contributes on a minimal basis. It’s basically just his name on the site and a group of unpaid interns contributing the bulk of the material.

That Ben Glickman, AKA “Tyler K” closeup photo.

Now, unless the two CEOs at Footprints Recruiting are identical twins, Ben and Tyler are spitting image doppelgangers. The 5 o’clock shadow, the ‘V’ hairline. Perhaps that’s why Ben was wearing shades in this promotional article. But why wouldn’t he want to be identified?

Conclusion: Ben Glickman is operating under the alias, “Tyler K”. If someone is willing to lie about their name, what else are they willing to lie about?

Warning 2: Accreditation (and a certain member of their “group”) are very proud of their accreditation status, despite the online TEFL industry being unregulated and there being no one international accreditation organization for online TEFL/TESOL certification courses.

There are a few legitimate Fully Accredited and internationally recognized Online TEFL/TESOL certification course providers though, and these can be viewed in the Courses Directory.

“The Online TESOL and TEFL Standards Agency is a professional educational organization dedicated to raising teacher-training industry standards, specifically online courses in the teaching of English as a Foreign Language”

I imagine that for anyone skimming the website, this seemingly valid endorsement from an external body could be the motivating reason for purchasing a course. At first glance, it certainly looks very professional.

Unfortunately, it is an outright scam.

OTTSA “Accrediting Professionals” claims to accredit MyTEFL and ITTT TEFL and doesn’t respond to inquiries about accreditation from literally anyone interested in accrediting their program through this “accreditation board”. I personally don’t care about accreditation, however, if someone is lying about it for financial gain then I know that a lot of people care.

If you take a look at Ottsa’s list of “Accredited Courses” over at and if you conduct a deep search, you will soon realize that the only two online TEFL courses that really care about this “accreditation” are MyTEFL and ITTT TEFL. And it’s designed to be that way. All they have done, which is quite clever, is to add some other very similarly designed TEFL courses to the list of “Accredited courses” and you can see that by the website designs that they were made by the same people. A couple of the courses on that list claim to offer 120-Hour online TEFL certification courses for over 1,000 USD – apart from this obvious red herring claim when we tried to contact these fake TEFL schools we actually couldn’t find a contact for them.

Trusted TEFL Reviews recently wrote an article about accreditation, and our next Online TEFL Course Scams article will focus on the various “accreditation” companies – touted by some of the main Online TEFL course schools – and we will be unearthing the ones that are fake, together with the Online TEFL Programs that have paid (fake and deceiving) accreditation logos listed on their school websites.

Please read the Warning! The OTTSA Accrediting professionals scam post for the latest update.

Warning 3: Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing has become popular during the past decade, and when conducted ethically, it can help both the consumer and the business.

However, our attention was recently brought to the attention of a review on where the reviewer warned others not to trust the motivation behind MyTEFL’s affiliate “TEFL soldiers” out on the global field:

Trusted TEFL Reviews decided to look further into this and discovered the company with whom have an affiliates agreement:

Ah, there’s “Tyler K” again 🙂

If you Google, ‘MyTEFL Reviews’ or, ‘MyTEFL Blog’ then you are certain to land upon seemingly innocent blogs, whereby the blog owners and writers praise to the high heavens and tell you TEFL mantras such as, “Go for it!”, “It changed my life!”.

The issue here is that it cannot be certain that these bloggers even took the course. And if they did, they could never be the source of impartial, unbiased feedback because for each and every one of you who uses one of their promo codes – always shown in a predominant section of the website/blog – the owner of the website/blog receives a commission for the sale in return.

So, in this case, we completely agree with the comments made by Alex when she writes, ‘Do not believe the MyTEFL travel blogs’.

One other amazing example is the current trend for MyTEFL affiliates to create mirror image “The Best 5 Online TEFL Courses” websites. MyTEFL and their “group” always feature at the top. And of course, the website is jam-packed with affiliate links – with people low on funds writing such rubbish as either never have taken any courses on the list, or who have taken one and then seen a way to further their world travels by earning money through the MyTEFL affiliates program. #misleading.

Warning 4: Fake Reviews

In our previous Online TEFL Course Reviews Scams article, we noted that contacted us at towards the end of last year – at the time, politely requesting whether we could delete negative, verified customer reviews of their Online TEFL program. We declined and the online defamation began.

Unfortunately, I don’t have copies of those emails because at the time I assumed I was dealing with a professional TEFL course owner.

In the past weeks, however, we received strongly-worded threats to delete verified customer negative reviews – reviews that now conveniently chooses to label as being “fake”.

A verified customer review on may be negative, but it definitely isn’t fake – especially when a course certificate of TEFL completion is used as proof of course attendance.

The following are snippets of a recent conversation between Ben Glickman (AKA “Tyler K”) and forwarded to me (Mia Williams) through an anonymous third party. I won’t be adding any additional text to the email screenshots as I feel they speak for themselves, and you are free to make up your own minds as to the hidden and not so hidden context and meaning of this recently recorded online conversation.

It must also be noted here that has created a hastily put-together blackmail attack ( website, with the sole purpose of manipulating “facts” and in the hope of inflicting maximum damage to their greatest competitors through false, defamatory online content.

Warning 5: The “Group”

In our recent communication with Ben Glickman, he openly threatened that he would reach out and have the “group” attack us further online.

Now, he might delete or edit the information online after reading this, as he has tried to do so all week prior to reading this, regarding other materials online, but we took a look at the Footprints Recruiting recommended (other) TEFL courses, and you can see the logos of ITTT TEFL (which is their ‘Top Pick” given they share the same made-up accreditation) i-to-i TEFL, and International TEFL Academy.

Please note here that this blog post is not intended to criticize the latter three. However, if we receive similar online defamation we will act accordingly like we have done so here with the scam warning post.

Warning 6: Trashing the competition

At first, we wondered whether we were the only ones to have been attacked online by Ben Glickman’s stumpy keyboard fingers and unethical business brain. But, we are not.

We actually discovered many examples of attempts to trash respectable online TEFL companies that share a more positive image online – companies that provide excellent customer services and excellent customer care.

But what they sow, they tend to reap: MyTEFL and Footprints Recruiting.

And here they are writing sly, under-the-table falsehoods about one of their competitors, Teach Away:

Ben Glickman also decided to attack other online TEFL schools recently.

This is always a red flag and reinforces the growing evidence of The Scam.

One of the programs he attacked online, through a proxy website that looks very similar to the type of website he usually gets his (unpaid) interns or (paid) affiliates to create was a direct attack on tefl online pro.

Now, I can sort of fathom why he would feel a bizarre urge to attack, but why attack tefl online pro?

Ah. Of course! tefl online pro was voted the Teachers’ Choice Award Winner, in 2019, 2020, 2021, and 2022. Ben obviously feels that should have received the award.

Well, Ben. I know that you and your cronies will be reading this, so here are a few words of wisdom for you.

Here is our official statement, and we really hope that you can begin focusing on your business products and services, instead of acting like a 2-bit hustler semi-gangster from years gone past: is an unbiased online TEFL course review website.

We are not affiliated, in any way, with any of the online TEFL programs that we list on our site.

If an online TEFL school receives more positive reviews than negative reviews, it means they are doing something right. If an online TEFL school receives more negative reviews than positive reviews, it means they are doing something wrong and they should focus on improving their product and services.

Thank you, all of you who have taken the time to read this. And as a final note, we thought it only fair to hear from a few not-so-satisfied people who have had dealings with Recruitment over the relatively few years that both companies have been operating Online TEFL courses and recruitment placements, as our research has concluded that around 95% of the MyTEFL reviews online have very likely been written by Ben’s affiliate spiderweb:

MyTEFL and Footprints Recruiting has now been blacklisted from Trusted TEFL Reviews. What this means, is that their listings will remain on – we will publish both positive and negative (customer-verified) reviews of their program, and we will also – in the coming weeks – make it clear to everyone visiting that MyTEFL and Footprints Recruiting has broken the website code of professional conduct, with a direct notice provided with their listings. If the situation changes and MyTEFL and Footprints Recruiting start treating their customers and their competition with professional respect, then we will definitely reconsider taking this notice down.

There are some excellent Online TEFL certification Programs listed on that go out of their way to provide excellent training and job-hunting support.

We are not going to stand for a few bad apples to ruin it for everyone. And, neither should you.

We welcome any comments in the reply section below.

If and when we are notified of shady practices or even outright scams, we will post details of them in the Online TEFL Course Scams section of this website.

This ‘The Scam’ article was written by Mia Williams for Trusted TEFL Reviews.

WARNING! We strongly recommend that readers are made fully aware of MyTEFL’s violation of the international TEFL/TESOL Code of Professional Conduct, and examples of further scams:

TEFL Online Pro Special TESOL Course Offers on Trusted TEFL Reviews

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Verified Online TEFL/TESOL certification course program reviews, ranked in order of customer satisfaction: TEFL Course Directory

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  1. OMG! I was thinking of signing up for a course with these guys, but now I’ll choose a different TEFL program to go through. I would never give my money to a company that operates in a shady way like this. Disgusting! I hope you publish the updated information shortly – I really feel that everyone searching for a TEFL program should be made aware of the MyTEFL and Footprints scam. Wow!

  2. Hello Arlene.

    Thanks for your comment.

    We wrote to MyTEFL at the beginning of the week, with a Cease and Desist notice. As part of this notice, we very politely explained that we would delete the scam warning if MyTEFL would delete the defamatory comments.

    In response, MyTEFL have spent the past couple of days editing the said defamatory comments in order to try and make them seem more believable, and they have (via a proxy email address, traced back to one of their company affiliate IP addresses) threatened us with further online defamation and harassment.

    In light of MyTEFL’s inability to act in a professional manner, we will be going ahead with full publication of the (above) post this weekend.

    Again, we really don’t enjoy doing this but our hand has been forced.

    Mia Williams

  3. I stumbled across the trusted tefl reviews website this afternoon when researching online tefl certificate options.
    I don’t condone what mytefl have done, but it really doesn’t surprise me in the slightest. Business is competitive and competing companies need to be conscious of this.
    BUT, there IS a significant difference between healthy competition and corporate lying for unethical financial gain. I would never patron a mytefl course for the reasons described above. My logic train of thought follows that if a company lies about the silly minor details, how far will they extend the truth when it comes the more important areas of customer services.
    I too am pensively waiting to read the promised exposure of mytefl in the coming days.
    Especially seeing as I need to commit pretty soon to a reputable TEFL certificate for a teaching start date in September 2020.
    I wouldn’t want to take the gamble on mytefl in case an employer hears it’s a scam organization and dismisses my certification on the spot.
    Needless to say, I am watching this space with trepidation.

  4. Hello Mikey.

    Thanks for your comment.

    We do just want to express that we are not actively trying to put people off from taking a course.

    Our hand was forced, due to the bizarre behavior of the MyTEFL managment, and our hope is that MyTEFL will learn from this experience and significantly up their professional game.

    If you were to search for an alternative TEFL course option then there are plenty listed in our TEFL school directory, that we have not witnessed this type of appalling professional behavior from:

    We have a slightly less busy day today, and will proceed with the full publication of within the coming hours.

    Mia Williams

  5. I’d rather my name remaining anonymous, for fear of retribution.
    I’ve read through this article and have noticed a few instances described that raised serious red flags for me.
    mytefl and footprints recruit don’t value their customers.
    I worked there as an intern and saw with my own eyes how they blatantly lie to new recruits.
    It’s all about the money to them.
    Not everyone was such a pain. One of the things that came out of my time there was I made some excellent friends, and we often meet up to gossip about Ben and co.
    I would never accept an internship or job placement with mytefl or footprints. Whatever you sign up for, you are 100% certain to be bait and switched after all the paperwork has been written up.
    And yes, it’s common knowledge that Tyler is actually Ben, but we were made to sign waivers to secrecy of all company information. This is why I am writing anonymously.
    The amount of complaints they received from young people arriving to teaching locations which they hadn’t signed up for was consistently appalling
    I never took their TEFL course, but if it is anything like the lack of compassion and understanding I witnessed on a daily basis at the MyTEFL (Footprints) office, I’d imagine they must have been threatened not to complain.
    Once you sign that contract, committing yourself to a year’s teaching, they have you by the queen jewels.
    I’m going to spread this around on social media. The truth needs to come out.

  6. I am quit literally shocked to the core.
    I mean, I knew they were/are a dodgy operation, but this really takes the biscuit.OMFG!!!!!
    Have already posted it on my feed, where I have over 5,000 followers.
    I (naively) thought there were BBP practices to prevent this.
    Totally gobsmacked.
    This more than exceeded my expectations. Surely, a government body needs to shut this operation down.
    I’m going to look into it right away and have the government flashlight see what else they can find.
    This has all the hallmarks of an outright scam. It’s time to do something about it.

  7. I was a student of the Mytefl course last summer, and I too was drawn in by all the affiliate blogs, if only Mytefl had helped me find work then i could have been bothered to leave a semi-decent review of their course.

    As it stood, the course barely issued enough study materials to go on and when I’d finished i thought ‘sod this’ and contacted Teach Away who work closely with the University of Toronto and these guys helped heaps more.

    Please remember people that if something sounds too good to be true then it almost always is. Mytefl sounded too good to be true – ignore the glossy makeover and all you are left with is a mediocre course, with hundreds of bloggers claiming it changed their lives. Paid bloggers claiming it changed their life – and I have every reason not to believe these Mytefl affiliates.

    What about the rest of us who don’t sign up for the Mytefl affiliate program? We get to catch a glimpse of the charlatan magician from behind his curtain – only he has no idea whatsoever how to operate the balloon back to Kansas.

    1. Hello Dolores.

      Thanks for your comment.

      Yes, there does appear to be something extremely fishy going on with the MyTEFL affiliate program.

      I guess that if someone pays you to sell a course then you don’t necessarily question the legitimacy of the said course.

      Glad you found solace over at Teach Away. As a recruitment agency, we have received excellent reports of their customer services and job placement/support results.

      Mia Williams

  8. I can concur that Footprints and Mytefl are the same shady operation. I worked there as an intern, but only managed to last a few months. I just couldn’t be a part anymore how they scam people. Promises are made and promises are broken. I was unpaid and later discovered that my work at Footprints/Mytefl accounted for zero college credits. This is because they are an unaccredited business outfit. I just got so disgusted how they lied to their TEFL customers and recruitment students that one day I cleared my “desk” and walked out. My main job was to lie to people about how great their future would be if only they took the Mytefl online certificate, and another colleague’s job was basically to hang up the phone when people called up, screaming about being scammed. It’s a sad, sad story. In my opinion, the management of both companies (Ben) is a terrible human being. I hate to write this now because I’m sure the current interns will be feeling retribution heat. My one word of advice: stay clear of Mytefl and Footprints Recruitment.

    1. Hello Brian.

      Thank you for your comment.

      If this is representative of the way MyTEFL and Footprints Recruitment treat their staff then you should report them to the BC BBB. ASAP!

      Mia Williams

  9. ‘ottsa Accrediting Professionals’ TEFL accreditation was obviously set up by either MYTEFL or ITTT TEFL. When you take a closer look at the site, it’s just so blatantly obvious. What I can’t fathom is how come nobody has ever questioned its legitimacy before? They could place a headshot of Mickey Mouse on there and it would hold equal credibility. Do they think we are so stupid that we would fall for this con? I think that I’ll set up my own TEFL accreditation company: TIBSAI (This Is Bull Sh*t Accreditation Institute). MyTEFL: it’s yours for the taking 😀 😀 😀

  10. Hello Lulu.

    Thank you for your comment.

    We recently received a very threatening, nasty email, from somebody who obviously doesn’t want us to proceed down the ottsa ‘under the microscope’ route.

    It was written by the same ( ?) Filipino contact who wrote that I was “just a dike with brains about the TEFL world”.

    In light of this, we will gladly, over the coming days, be exposing the practices of accreditation scams over in the Online TEFL Course Scams section.

    I hope this response from us has been useful for you.

    Mia Williams

  11. I’m really not surprised that are being accused of professional negligence. I took their 120 online Tefl course early last year. When the mytefl mill runs without interruption it seems to work well. The minute you have a problem or question which needs urgent attention, forget about it.

    I actually don’t really care that helped fake their own (OTTSA) accrediting company. Accreditation means nothing for online Tefl courses. It’s just a way to try and make their tefl offering seem more legit, and so bring in more $$$$ Just look at i-to-i tefl for example. They are “accredited” by ODLQC (Open & Distance Learning Quality Council). ODLQC also accredit ‘Formula Botanica’ and ‘College of Animal Physiotherapy’. I bet they would accredit gold leaf toilet paper if the price was right.

    What I do care about is how fail to deliver genuine student feeback.

    When you are done with this course, you will be repeatedly hit up to become an affiliate marketer for, even before you receive your course certification. To earn any real money through this pyramid-style selling scheme, you need to hit the ground running and encourage others about this “amazing money-making” opportunity.

    The course is for people who can’t manage to find teaching work without needing to accept a lowly paid internship or job placement deal through either mytefl or Footprints Recruiting.

    Both are bottom of the barrel options for anyone serious about teaching English overseas.

    The term “scam” is bandied around rather a lot these days, but I do believe that what has been written in this post constitutes an actual definition of a scam operation.

  12. Hello Christie.

    Thank you for your comment.

    Regarding the appalling (illegal) business of fake accreditation bodies, and the mendacious, financial incentives resulting from such scamming behavior, please expect our written exposé over in the Online TEFL Course Scams section of Trusted TEFL Reviews shortly – within the next few days.

    Our original intention for setting up Trusted TEFL Reviews, was a sincere attempt to clean up this (largely unregulated) industry. We believe that we can stand up to the defamatory, online abuse that we have been victimized by, and that the resulting effect will be greater transparency within the Online TEFL certification course industry as a whole.

    Again, this unethical behavior is not widespread, and is only limited to a small number of Online TEFL schools, but these schools seem to assume that they can act with impudence and impunity – demonstrating little regard as to whether their professional behavior is beneficial, or detrimental, to the Online TEFL student consumer.

    I hope this response from us has been useful for you.

    Mia Williams

  13. Someone needs to bring this mytefl company to justice. I copied and shared to my many contacts and I hope they do the same. It’s sad that mytefl haven’t commented because by not doing so that is another emission of guilt. Shame on!

  14. Oh, and while I’m online. KUDOS to you Mia for not taking the bait when that stooge (‘F*c* you’ on February 4, 2020 at 1:27 am) called you a “dike”. I love that an international school is unable to spell correctly LOL and am appalled that they are so homophobic. I would NEVER pay money to such a company. EVER!

  15. Hello Iralee.

    Thank you for your support.

    It’s ironic really because I am in a loving relationship with a heterosexual man. I have close friends who are in same-sex loving partnerships, but I did begin to wonder why the comments conversation began to turn towards an assumption that I am a homosexual woman?

    It was SO funny being called a ‘dike’ though 😀 😀 😀 have some real “experts” on their team 😀 😀 😀

    Either tomorrow, or on Wednesday, we shall be exposing the alleged ottsa accreditation scam.

    More info will appear:

    Mia Williams

  16. Dear Mia and rest contributors

    First of all thanks a lot for shedding light over this darkest area.. after a long and hard search, calling different organisations , I and a buddy of mine decided to go for Mytefl… Ottsa was the highlight and price for online course. I dropped Intesol worldwide in favor of this .. only to find such sad truths.. my experience .. the staff is good at vancouver. Not much of tutor support , copy and paste only in terms of knowledge so it may be some interns trying to help from
    Google , lesson wise material ok but no
    Practical knowledge how to create them
    Just a library!! Yes tonnes of assurance to help with job.. but I haven’t gotten there yet .. it’s a shocking news after I squeezed my resources and hard earned money to get me a certificate..invested lots of time and don’t know what could I
    Do !!!

  17. I left a review of MyTEFL’s 120 hour course and I’m now reading this article for the first time.
    Must add that I’m really not surprized at all by what I’ve read on this page.
    I gave MyTEFL 2 stars, but having read this I wish I had left a 1 star review.

  18. As someone who has very recently taken the 120-hour online TEFL certification course, I have to agree that is a bit of a joke. Possibly a scam. From the moment I paid for this shambles of a course, the helpful email replies stopped. I mean, why should mytefl honor their commitment to customer service? They got their money and it appears obvious that is all they care about. The course is very low quality btw. You will learn very little and there is no feedback to help you judge for yourself how you are progressing. If you haven’t already purchased, avoid.

  19. Hi all.
    I wanted to weigh in a little on the conversation.
    When I was searching for an online TESOL TEFL course to take, I shortlisted three programs which seemed to offer the best deal.
    ITTT, Mytefl, and TEFL Online Pro.
    After finding the negative reviews of the ITTT and Mytefl companies, I ended up choosing TEFL Online Pro.
    My experience with this company has been very positive and I recommend them.
    They provided support when I took the course and helped me find my teaching job in South Korea.
    Here is my review of the program.
    Definitely one to consider! 🙂

  20. Hey! I also took the Tesol certification through Tefl Online Pro.
    Took the 120-hour Professional.
    It was a really good course with excellent support.

    I recommend Tefl Online Pro too.

  21. Be wary of any MyTEFL reviews that claim it was an “amazing experience”.
    They have been written by MyTEFL staff members.
    I paid $199 for their TEFL course and it wasn’t worth it.
    Couldn’t get the certificate legalized for a teaching job in Thailand, which is ironic really because MyTEFL issues its certificates from Thailand.
    I don’t recommend MyTEFL.
    Go with another program.

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