My ittt tefl experience

3 star online tefl review

ITTT review, submitted by Dan.

I chose to take a teaching English course online because I needed new direction in my life and didn’t have the available funds to take a TEFL course overseas. Teaching English overseas wasn’t something I really knew much about or even thought was possible, so when I read about the ITTT Online TEFL program, I immediately signed up and began my baby steps into the world of teaching. I’d obviously used the internet before but I’d never studied online and I wasn’t really sure if it was possible to learn teaching English online. This concern soon subsided when I began the course and started to become familiar with the study format. I’d give the actual course 4 stars, because it was educational and I definitely did get a lot out of it.

However, the support wasn’t that forthcoming and I feel this let down the overall ITTT product. I was able to find teaching work pretty easily within a few months of my course finishing, but the whole process would have been a lot swifter and less stressful had I received that support ITTT promised me when I originally signed up.

I’ve been teaching English in Spain (Madrid) now for a couple of years and I love my life here. Contrary to what I read online, it is super easy here to find employment and the pay is reasonable when you consider that you have a lot of free time on your hands. I don’t have a college degree and that turned out not to be a problem for the 2 schools I teach for. The work visa was a bit of a pain at first as I needed to get a few documents apostilled/translated, but besides that it was no biggie. I definitely recommend teaching English in Spain. Lot’s of free time. Positive students. Great food. Affordable lifestyle. Spanish isn’t a difficult language to learn.

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  1. I wouldn’t recommend ITTT TEFL Online at all. They are a greedy company that take your money and give you little in return. Still waiting on my certificate since 4 months of finishing their course. They just don’t seem interested in me anymore. Was a completely different story when I was enrolling. I can’t even get my money refunded now through PayPal as it’s been longer than 6 months. Something which ITTT must be well aware of. I’m going to need to spend more money now on paying a solicitor and taking ITTT through the small claims court. A complete nightmare through and through.

  2. Hi there Jill.

    Thank you for your comment.

    This is a little concerning as a few days ago we received another comment, by a different student, who also has been experiencing certification issues once completing her ITTT TEFL certification course.

    We would suggest contacting ITTT TEFL through one of their social media channels if you are not able to get through to them on the phone or via email.

    I hope everything turns out ok.

    Mia Williams.

  3. Hello again Jill.

    We have tried reaching out to ittt tefl in order to make them aware of your predicament. When we received no reply from the school, we tried contacting Linda D*******, to see if she could help us with the answer to this question.

    Linda, btw, tends to publish the same posts on multiple websites. She must have really loved her ittt tefl experience! Good on her! 🙂

    We have tried our best Jill, but ultimately, we feel that it isn’t our responsibility to keep trying to chase up ittt tefl to resolve this issue.

    Again, I would suggest trying to contact ittt tefl through email, telephone, or through their social media platforms.
    I would give it until the end of the week and if you have still not received a sufficient reply then I would go ahead and apply for a course refund for services not rendered.

    I hope though that this all works out well for you and again, could you possibly come back on here when the solution has been met with ittt tefl, so that our readers can see that ittt tefl are committed to customer service.

    Thank you for your time.

    Mia Williams.

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