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MyTEFL review, submitted by Martin.

I was extremely fortunate to stumble across the Mytefl program and haven’t looked back since. Mytefl was offering 30% course off discounts at the time so this made the course even cheaper than it was already and nicely suited the budget I had to play with at the time.

You get a whole 90 days to work your way through the course but I only needed a month or so and the course is very practical. Arranged well and easy to follow. Help is there any time you require it and overall the school support is excellent. The entire course is taken online so you don’t need to travel anywhere to take it. I took it at home and mostly from my bed 🙂

Mytefl also helps with job support after the course. I was just so surprised at just how many places it is possible to teach English. I’d never imagined I could live and teach in Chile or South Africa for example.

The MyTEFL experience was a solid one and I definitely don’t regret having done it.

WARNING! We strongly recommend that readers are made fully aware of MyTEFL’s violation of the international TEFL/TESOL Code of Professional Conduct:

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  1. Thank you for your coming on here and leaving your review Martin.

    Having read your review, I did just want to point out to readers that it seems that the 30% MyTEFL course discount is an ongoing reduction that they have running and doesn’t seem to be the limited offer which you suggest in your review.


  2. I just don’t see how/why MyTEFL have such positive feedback on other review websites and travel blogs. Once you make your course payment, you won’t hear back from them until it’s time to pay out more money on their sub-par certificate. Really. For the total amount of money I paid, I expected much, much, much more. I guess they have a clever marketing drone at the helm. It must work for them because they’re plastered all over the net, with apparently satisfied graduates singing their praises. Obviously fake. The differences between what I was told to expect and what I actually received, when I enrolled with MyTEFL, was as black and white as a zebra crossing. Oh, and after I (finally) received the certificate, I wrote to them to ask for some direction as where to begin my job search. Never heard back from them again.

  3. Took my online TEFL with tefl online pro. At the time, it was cheaper than taking it with MyTEFL, and I see it still is. The training and support I received from tefl online pro was outstanding. I’ve met people with MyTEFL certificates who never seem to know how to teach properly. TEFL mill?

  4. If only I read these warnings before I parted with my cash.

    When I first contacted I was put through to a guy calling himself Tyler, who I now know (thanks to is actually an American living in Canada: Ben Glickman. Lie number one.

    I paid and was led to believe that I wouldn’t be charged anything further. Then charged me for my certificate. Lie number two. claim on their website that they offer a ton of support for when you’ve finished the course. I couldn’t get a hold of them once I’d paid for my certificate. Lie number three. claim on their website that they are accredited by OTTSA. I’ve since read on that this is a fake accreditation scam. Lie number four.

    I feel scammed 🙁

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