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“They barely helped me with job placement”

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International TEFL Academy review, submitted by Dean.

The International TEFL Academy online course was an ok experience and I learned a lot on the course about class management, student learner types and of course all of that elusive grammar we native speakers know by heart but manage so dreadfully to explain to non-native speakers. I thought the support at the beginning was very good and I felt in a safe pair of hands. This led me to believe the higher course price, compared with other equivalent courses, was justified. They also have an active alumni community that is keen to help. So another bonus. The problems began when I completed the course and they barely helped me with job placement. I felt redundant. Given the high cost of the course and the totally insufficient job placement help, I do wish I’d chosen a different TEFL school. It’s one thing to get qualified – and they do a good job with their training – but it’s another thing to be left out alone in the cold when it comes to what really matters: finding teaching work.

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  1. Hello there Dean.

    It’s good that your review of the International TEFL Academy (ITA) was mostly positive. Except for that job guidance niggle of course. It is essential that people ask, when signing up for an online TEFL TESOL certification course whether international job guidance will be included AND what that really consists of. Perhaps you were just unlucky and ITA were busy at the time, so try approaching them again to remind them of your job searching requirements. In the meantime, this article outlines some of the more important criteria when choosing an international TEFL TESOL certification course:

    Mia Williams.

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