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“This is a good, three-star, online TEFL program, but try not to be drawn in too much by their sleek marketing.”

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3 star online tefl review

i-to-i TEFL review, submitted by Markus.

I enrolled on the i to i Love TEFL course while they were offering their Summer Discount, so regarding value-for-money, it was a win/win right off the bat.

The course is a little outdated and urgently needs a revamp. Otherwise, no issues at all with the use of online study materials, and the course is set up in such a way that it follows a logical path.

I did need to ask a couple of questions, and Admin got right back to me within a week. Pretty impressive!

i to i Love TEFL is probably the most marketed-savvy TEFL school around, and this results in two issues:

  1. You can get drawn in very quickly by the website images, that you fail to fully read through the substance of the course.
  2. When you do enroll, and start, you do quickly conclude that glossy marketing, is just that.

Not that I didn’t like this choice of TEFL course. It trained me and I enjoyed being able to work pretty much where I wanted to. You just need a steady internet connection. Their site is responsive too, so you can just as easily complete it on a notebook, tablet, or handy (mobile)

They do charge for the issue of the final certificate, and although I did eventually find the section where they mention this, I thought they should be more upfront about this additional cost. On the other hand, the certificate comes perfectly wrapped and it has professional quality.

I thought their job support services were poor. Unless you were willing to pay more for an internship, you were given very limited help finding employment. This might not be an issue for anyone with a job already lined up, but for me, it was a real Achilles heel. I could certainly have done with job-finding tips, help with preparing my CV, heads-up on good and bad schools, etc.

This is a good, three-star, online TEFL program, but try not to be drawn in too much by their sleek marketing.

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