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Recently, our attention was directed towards some rather hastily-written “material” published online, outright defaming The creator(s) of this fiction spent money and time in a concerted effort to try and undermine the (verified) published reviews on – resulting in a quick response from our side to (accurately) try and work out who could possibly be behind these unfounded and completely false allegations.

But who would spend so much of their free time trying to discredit Trusted TEFL Reviews? And, just as importantly, why?

Unfortunately, this is a case of an online TEFL company throwing its toys out of the pram.

The online TEFL industry is fiercely competitive. And to maintain a leading edge on the market, some TEFL companies spend a considerable amount of their time carefully crafting their portfolio of (mostly) fake reviews and precision-polished online presence/reputation – often attacking the competition, and anyone they consider a threat to their money-making enterprise, through proxy accounts/identities.

But again, why attack Trusted TEFL Reviews? I mean, we ensure that each review we receive has been verified before being published, and we give schools the opportunity to respond to reviews. Surely this is progressive in the eyes of every single online TEFL school?

Here is where it all gets a lot more murky and dishonest…

The simple truth is that some online TEFL schools want to have 100% control over their customer reviews, and this is why they invariably recommend review websites that allow them to delete negative reviews and write fake reviews with impunity.

Take Trust Pilot, as an example.

It may come as a surprise to you, but – after an initial free period – companies actually pay a monthly fee to maintain their listing on Trust Pilot. It has also been strongly suggested that companies can solicit reviews only from customers whom they choose, and that they can pay for negative reviews to be deleted from the site. And there are strong indications of this type of appalling behavior on some of the most popular TEFL course review websites – especially in cases where a company pays for advertising on said site.

They can’t do this on

And this is the reason for the attempt to discredit Trusted TEFL Reviews online…

Certain online TEFL schools are so used to having their own way, so used to having their fake reviews published and negative reviews deleted, that when a client writes a negative review of their company and it’s published on, they don’t know how to behave professionally. What they should do is listen to the (verified) feedback from their clients and address the issues directly. But instead, they choose to create/write forum and website posts, flood Reddit (which, let’s face it, is a laughable source of information at the best of times) and add their online comments – all trying to discredit us in order to deflect belief and credibility in the negative reviews they have received.

We must add now that this really depressing behavior is not the case of the majority of online TEFL schools. We see clear evidence that most TEFL/TESOL companies listed on don’t react in such dramatic fashion to their reviews. There are, however, some online TEFL programs that obviously don’t listen to the feedback from their clients, and who instead try to silence any negative criticism. And there is currently one of these (or perhaps more) trying to discredit Trusted TEFL Reviews, by writing absolute rubbish about us online. is an unbiased online TEFL course reviews website.

We are not affiliated, in any way, with any of the online TEFL programs that we list on our site.

If an online TEFL school receives more positive reviews than negative reviews, it means they are doing something right. If an online TEFL school receives more negative reviews than positive reviews, it means they are doing something wrong and they should focus on improving their product and services.

We welcome any comments in the reply section below.

If and when we are notified of shady practices, or even outright scams, we will post details of them in the Online TEFL Course Scams section of this website.

Written by Mia Williams for Trusted TEFL Reviews.

WARNING! We strongly recommend that readers are made fully aware of MyTEFL’s violation of the international TEFL/TESOL Code of Professional Conduct:

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  1. Breaking News:

    As of this morning, we have the identity of the “group” that has been spreading these false allegations online about

    More information will follow shortly, regarding this case.

    Mia Williams.

  2. That’s disgusting someone would do this. I’m planning my trip abroad for later in the year and this website has been incredibly helpful. Kudos to you!

  3. And, of course, Ian Leahy – ESLinsider:

    This was absolutely no surprise to me.

    Ian Leahy painstakingly tries to project an image of a TEFL expert, but he is actually just trying to sell his (unrecognized) TEKA (TEFL) course.

    Ironically, MyTEFL pointed this out in an attack website which they created on Ian Leahy and his school, ESLinsider:

    Mia Williams

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