Why trust Trusted TEFL Reviews?

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Why trust Trusted TEFL Reviews?

How do I know I can trust the reviews on Trusted TEFL Reviews?

✓ All reviews on Trusted TEFL Reviews are verified.
✓ We require contact information to ensure our reviewers are real.
✓ We require proof of course completion to ensure our reviewers took the course.
✓ We use intelligent software that helps us maintain the integrity of reviews.
✓ Our moderators read all reviews to verify quality and helpfulness.

In addition to the above, one specific feature sets Trusted TEFL Reviews apart from the vast majority of other Online TEFL TESOL TESL review websites. This is that we run Trusted TEFL Reviews as a public service website. trustedteflreviews.com is a not-for-profit website.

Because we are a not-for-profit website, we operate differently than the vast majority of other Online TEFL TESOL TESL review websites, and we can maintain the integrity of the website so that our readers can be assured that all the information published on Trusted TEFL Reviews is unbiased and published without a hidden agenda.

  1. We never delete negative reviews. Schools can pay to have negative reviews deleted from some TEFL review websites. Schools are not able to do this on Trusted TEFL Reviews.
  2. We never publish fake reviews. A fake review is usually written by an Online TEFL program; either to damage a competitor’s reputation or to artificially boost their own reputation.
  3. We always allow Online TEFL programs the ability to respond to a review – be it a negative or positive review. Some schools do respond to their customers’ reviews. Some schools, instead, try to distract attention from a negative review by claiming that it is a fake review. We believe in transparency.
  4. We do not take part in any affiliate marketing. The vast majority of TEFL review websites make their money through commission sales. If a consumer purchases a TEFL course because they read about it on the TEFL review website then that TEFL review website receives a percentage of that sale. This type of business model undermines the legitimacy of the TEFL review website because it is in their best interests to ensure the Online TEFL programs are promoted in a favorable light, regardless of their business practices. It is one of the reasons why some of the Online TEFL programs listed on Trusted TEFL Reviews have an overall average or poor rating, whilst on other TEFL review websites, they enjoy an across-the-board 5-star rating.
  5. We only ever edit a review if profanity has been detected. In this case, just the profanity will be removed. Apart from this one rule, we never edit reviews. All reviews that you read on Trusted TEFL Reviews have been published word-for-word as were received by us.
  6. We call out Online TEFL programs that violate our code of conduct. Online TEFL programs that repeatedly violate the code of conduct are given a warning notice, visible to readers on Trusted TEFL Reviews. We are also not shy about exposing scams. If it has been discovered that an Online TEFL program has been perpetrating a scam, a scam warning will be assigned to that Online TEFL program.

And finally (sigh) it needs to be repeated, yet again, for the benefit of the few Online TEFL programs (coincidentally the Online TEFL programs that have been given warnings for breaching the code of conduct) listed on Trusted TEFL Reviews, that try in earnest to undermine the legitimacy of this website, the following clarifications:

Trusted TEFL Reviews is an independently-run Online TEFL/TESOL reviews website. We are not affiliated, in any way, with any of the Online TEFL/TESOL certification programs listed on this site.

If an Online TEFL/TESOL certification program has a high rating on Trusted TEFL Reviews, it means that they are doing something right when it comes to the product they offer and how they treat their customers.

If an Online TEFL/TESOL certification program has a low rating on Trusted TEFL Reviews, it means that they are doing something wrong when it comes to the product they offer and how they treat their customers.

Mia Williams.

Co-owner of trustedteflreviews.com

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