“Needless to say, I shall be contacting my credit card company for a full refund on the MyTEFL purchase”

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MyTEFL review, submitted by Becky.

A promising start turned nightmare!

MyTEFL is omnipresent throughout the internet, so this gave me the sense they are a reputable, established company. And established companies are usually reputable because they have established themselves through ethical conduct and general good business practices.

Signed up and took the course. It was OK. I guess your standard online tuition model.

I received my certificate. All is fine so far.

Tyler at MyTEFL did refer me to Footprints Recruitment Agency (helpful support) but I wanted to go it alone because I understand how recruitment agencies operate.

I had my heart set on teaching in Osaka, Japan. I knew it wouldn’t be an overnight process, but I had all of my docs lined up in a row and submitted them before the cutoff date. Easy, I thought. I’ve got this one. Incidentally, this was all completed last week.

On Monday, I opened my email to the shock that my application had been denied!!!???!!!

The school stated that although I ticked all the boxes for their school program, the TEFL certification I had received from MyTEFL was void and I would need to take a different course and then reapply once I have this new TEFL certification under my belt.

The reason given for the MyTEFL certificate failure was due to a blog post they had read on THIS website and when they did more digging into it they agreed with the blog post’s content. This is the post that cost me $200 and a whole waste of time:

The school actually wrote that they don’t hold weight in accredited TEFL certificates, noting that there are few genuine ones around, and what they cannot encourage is accepting students with TEFL certificates endorsed with bogus accreditation credentials.

So, yeah. OTTSA who “accredit” MyTEFL are bogus.

It’s basically a scam.

We then had an email back and forth, with me almost pleading to ask them to PLEASE recommend a similar course that WOULD be accepted.

They recommended that I take one of these and my application would then go through without issue:

INTESOL Worldwide

OISE University of Toronto TEFL

tefl online pro

The TEFL Academy

Needless to say, I shall be contacting my credit card company for a full refund on the MyTEFL purchase.

WARNING! We strongly recommend that readers are made fully aware of MyTEFL’s violation of the international TEFL/TESOL Code of Professional Conduct:

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  1. Hello Becky.

    I felt that I should respond to your review.

    I’m sorry that you had to go through this really unpleasant experience with /

    “Tyler K” btw is actually Ben Glickman.

    Yes, it does certainly appear that ottsa is a fake accreditation website, orchestrated with the tenacious help of MyTEFL and Footprints Recruiting.

    Regarding the appalling (illegal) business of fake accreditation bodies, and the mendacious, financial incentives resulting from such scamming behavior, please expect our written exposé over in the Online TEFL Course Scams section of Trusted TEFL Reviews shortly – within the next few days.

    In the meantime, you can read verified customer reviews of all the online TEFL programs listed on this website here:

    Mia Williams

  2. As OTTSA’s Principal Moderator, I was somewhat surprised and disappointed to have found this content. I have no record of receiving any queries via email, nor our contact us page. We have been operating independently since 2010 with the intention of giving companies the opportunity to have regular independent reviews of course content, systems, and service to candidates. To maintain accreditation, companies must send regular evidence to show that expected standards are being met. We are also happy to respond to queries from course candidates, whether potential, current, or graduates. As has quite rightly been pointed out, this is an unregulated business, and we are trying to introduce some credibility. Our website makes it quite clear who we are, and I would be happy to answer any questions via email.

    I would hope that this doesn’t elicit a derogatory response as so often seems to be the case in this type of forum.

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