TEFL Accreditation Guide

TEFL Accreditation Guide.

Accreditation status is defined by three main categories: Unaccredited, Accredited, Fully Accredited.

Fully Accredited‘ status is the highest level of accreditation.

Institutions providing Online TEFL programs Fully Accredited status include:

ACCET Accrediting Council for Continuing Education and Training | https://accet.org/

ACTEFLC Accreditation Council for Teaching English as a Foreign Language Courses | https://www.acteflc.com/

OISE University of the Toronto Faculty of Education | https://www.oise.utoronto.ca/

TESL Canada | https://tesl.ca/

University of Cambridge’s English Language Assessment | https://www.cambridgeenglish.org/

Online TEFL courses that are directly accredited by a Ministry of Education also enjoy Fully Accredited status.

The following Online TEFL/TESOL programs (in alphabetical order) are Fully Accredited and internationally recognized:

Bridge TEFL | https://bridge.edu/tefl/ | Bridge TEFL verified trusted TEFL reviews.

CIEE TEFL | https://www.ciee.org/ | CIEE TEFL verified trusted TEFL reviews.

Maximo Nivel TEFL | https://maximonivel.com/ | Maximo Nivel verified trusted TEFL reviews.

ontesol | https://ontesol.com/ | ontesol verified trusted TEFL reviews.

OISE University of Toronto TEFL | https://teflonline.teachaway.com/ | OISE TEFL verified trusted TEFL reviews.

Oxford Seminars | https://www.oxfordseminars.com/ | Oxford Seminars verified trusted TEFL reviews.

TEFL Iberia | https://tefl-iberia.com/ | TEFL Iberia verified trusted TEFL reviews.

TEFL Online Pro (Teachers’ Choice Award winner, 2019 | 2020 | 2021) | https://teflonlinepro.com/

tefl online pro – Teachers’ Choice Award winner, 2019 | verified trusted TEFL reviews

tefl online pro – Teachers’ Choice Award winner, 2020 | verified trusted TEFL reviews

tefl online pro – Teachers’ Choice Award winner, 2021 | verified trusted TEFL reviews

(TEFL/TESOL online programs receive an additional program reviews category when they win the Teachers’ Choice Award)

You can check to see whether an Online TEFL/TESOL Program is Unaccredited, Accredited, or Fully Accredited by clicking on their category in the sidebar. The mention of which accreditation status they hold is clearly stated at the top of their category page, above the program’s review(s).

Unaccredited courses are identified with the statement, ‘Is [Online TEFL Program] accredited? No.

Accredited courses are identified with the statement, ‘Is [Online TEFL Program] accredited? Yes. The certification awarded is Accredited.’

Fully Accredited courses are identified with the statement, ‘Is [Online TEFL Program] accredited? Yes. The certification awarded is Fully Accredited and internationally recognized.

If you are having difficulties locating a program’s category page, you can easily locate it by clicking on their live link in the TEFL Course Directory: https://trustedteflreviews.com/tefl-course-directory/

Important information about Ofqual and TQUK regulated courses:

Ofqual and TQUK are often (incorrectly) claimed to accredit Online TEFL programs offering a ‘Level 5’ certificate. Some Level 5 programs even go as far as to claim that the Level 5 TEFL certificate is the same as the CELTA certificate. ‘Level 5’ refers to one of the levels on the Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF) in Great Britain and Northern Ireland. In other words, it’s a United Kingdom qualification that means very little to anyone outside of the UK. Furthermore, a qualification assessed at Level 5 doesn’t mean that it is “equivalent to the CELTA qualification”. Instead, it means that the level of education, knowledge, and skills required to complete the course is the same as that required to complete the CELTA, i.e., to be over 18, and to have a level of English and education that is equivalent to the average UK high school graduate.

Ofqual and TQUK are regulatory bodies, not accreditation bodies.

However, and bearing in mind that there is no single accreditation body for Online TEFL/TESOL certification courses, Trusted TEFL Reviews considers courses regulated by Ofqual and TQUK as ‘Accredited’. This is because there should be strict guidelines in place which Online TEFL programs that are regulated by both organizations need to adhere to.

Ofqual and TQUK “accredited” courses, though, are not necessarily internationally recognized.

Accreditation is a commonly-asked question and a subject that is often opaque and muddied. Because of the importance that is placed on accreditation, it does create a space within the industry for misrepresentation and outright scams.

With so many Online TEFL/TESOL programs now competing for customers in a crowded marketplace, it logically follows that some Online TEFL/TESOL providers will do and say pretty much anything to get you to enroll in one of their courses.

We have created our guide for you so that you can become savvy to the truth about which accreditation matters and so that you can avoid investing in a course that is not being upfront about their accreditation status.

The Trusted TEFL Reviews ‘The TEFL Accreditation Guide’ provides all the essential information in an honest, straightforward article.

The TEFL Accreditation Guide can be read here, in the Accreditation 101 section of Trusted TEFL Reviews: https://trustedteflreviews.com/2020/01/09/tefl-tesol-accreditation-101/

Mia Williams.

Co-owner of trustedteflreviews.com

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