“Sorry for the rant and all, but this company just made me feel so angry and ripped off.”

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ITTT review, submitted by Anonymous.

Good evening Trusted TEFL Reviews.

I didn’t want to add my real name for fear of retribution as I have only recently graduated from the ITTT TEFL online certification course and publishing my real name would have been shooting myself in the foot. My reason for coming on here and writing this review was that I saw your Quora post yesterday, asking for someone from ITTT TEFL to address the two ITTT TEFL graduates who had added comments on Trusted TEFL Reviews about not receiving their course certificates. I was about to respond to the post when I saw it had been deleted by Quora moderation. Obviously at the request of ITTT TEFL. I was also lured into taking their course by the posts written by Linda D*******. I thought she was a well-meaning ITTT TEFL graduate. But now I can see she most probably works for ITTT TEFL in some form or other. Don’t believe a word she says. She is just making money every time someone signs up for an ITTT TEFL course through her. I believe it is called an affiliate linking business. She would write anything just to have you pay up and receive her share. I actually thought the course was pretty well organized and I learned a lot from it. There wasn’t a whole load of support once I’d signed up, but I’ve taught before so this wasn’t an issue for me.

What was an issue for me was their after-course help.

  1. Zero job support.
  2. Had to wait over a month for a certificate I paid extra money for.

I would recommend the course content, but the after-course support just makes you want to run as far away from this TEFL program as you can. I just wish I had read the reviews on Trusted TEFL Reviews before handing my money over to ITTT TEFL because you just can’t believe the ones they have manipulated on other reviews’ websites. I hope the two ITTT TEFL graduates finally receive their certificates. It’s not cheap either. They make the course out to be an affordable option, but when you need to pay over a hundred Dollars (US) for the hard-copy version of the certificate AND have to wait around to maybe receive it or not, then it means ITTT TEFL is not a company where the customer comes first. Sorry for the rant and all, but this company just made me feel so angry and ripped off.

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  1. Thank you for your review and as promised we haven’t revealed your true identity. We also took the decision not to reveal Linda’s surname, so we apologize for that edit in your review.

    At we don’t go out of our way, in any form, to look to pick fights. Quite the opposite.

    We created this website as a place where online TEFL graduates could come and submit their (verified) course reviews. Another reason for setting up was that when we were choosing our TEFL courses we were also appalled at the level of dishonesty surrounding the business ethics of some schools (which won’t be named here).

    Since beginning we have had schools trying to manipulate our website with fake, planted reviews. And we have had at least one school (which will also go unnamed) asking us to remove them from our site because they didn’t like a particular review, which was written by a graduate of their online TEFL program.

    But we soldier on and as a reader of you can be certain that every review we publish has been authenticated and verified as having been written by an actual course graduate.

    ittt have continued to ignore our requests for them to address the issues of the 2 course graduates who have still not received their certificates. Once they have addressed the issues then will delete the comments regarding the issues in question:

    Mia Williams.

  2. You do not need to be sorry, Anonymous, because I feel the SAME way as you do about this company. You have my vote and I am soldiering on to make sure that they are revealed as unauthentic!

  3. Hello Mia,
    I hadn’t even realized that there was a reply to my comment. I’m so sorry! I actually posted a lengthy review on Trust pilot about them and, of course, Ittt comes in and wants to defend themselves. They base their credibility on the many “positive” reviews that they have received from said satisfied customers. My issue with that is that I believe most of these 5/5 Star reviews are FAKE!

    I am sooo glad that exists. I am still staring down at this fake certificate I got from them in 2020. So painful. I’d like to copy and paste the review I wrote on here.

    Thank you!

  4. Erin.

    Thanks for your comment.

    Your review is now published on Trusted TEFL Reviews:

    Many people have experienced issues with ITTT TEFL.

    More info about the ITTT TEFL scam:

    ITTT TEFL appear to draw in a lot of customers from the online recommendations of a supposed graduate: Linda Dunsmore.

    She heavily promotes ITTT TEFL on Quora and on Facebook.

    Linda is part of the ITTT TEFL management team.

    She is not a graduate of the ITTT TEFL program at all.

    Mia Williams – Trusted TEFL Reviews

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