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ITTT review, submitted by N.J.

Initially, I was optimistic after all the positive reviews I’d read online about how wonderful ITTT TEFL TESOL was. As I think another reviewer on here noted, Linda D. seems to be their torch bearer on Quora and it was actually her posts that convinced me to sign up. She just seemed like a good-natured soul who was simply going out of her way to help others make their way through the online TEFL courses minefield. It was only when I stumbled across a blog that I discovered she is a prolific poster on Quora and makes money from sending people ITTT’s way. Actually, now I read her name back, I wonder if it isn’t some sort of alias. Look, people, the course was ok. It wasn’t excellent. It wasn’t terrible. It did the job. But the blog I stumbled upon also mentioned their OTTSA accreditation body and it was suggested that this had been set up by ITTT. I also tried contacting OTTSA but never received a reply back. It is just an empty-shell ‘accrediting organization, which is set up to deceive people new to TEFL who can’t possibly tell what is and what isn’t legit. Their job support services are basically non-existent too. Take the course if you want to but take whatever Linda D. writes with a mountain of salt. It’s just another TEFL mill business set up to extract as much money as they can from you while delivering as little product and service as they can get away with. I’m currently in talks with my bank to receive my course fee back on the pretense of false advertising. My advice would be to go to another school such as Love TEFL. They may be the lesser of two evils, but at least you’ll actually receive something at the end of the course in terms of some type of job support. ITTT: shame on you!

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  1. Thank you for your review, N.J.
    I’m sorry that you had such a negative experience with the International Tefl and Tesol Training program.
    I feel that I do need to keep repeating that there is no international body which accredits TEFL courses and any course which claims accreditation is just using it as a marketing tactic.
    I must also point out though that ITTT do have positive reviews listed on Trusted TEFL Reviews so I do need to mention this in order to give readers a more balanced impression of their services.
    I understand how frustrated you must feel and I hope you receive positive news from your bank.
    Mia Williams.

  2. Also, N.J. I think out of respect for the personal identity of Linda – the prolific ITTT TEFL course poster on Quora, whom you referred to in your ittt online TEFL TESOL certification course review, we have decided to abbreviate her surname. Her name now appears in your review post simply as Linda D. Thank you for your understanding and sorry again that you had such a negative experience with this online TEFL course provider.
    Mia Williams.

  3. So is ITTT legit or a scam. I just finished the course with them and I haven’t heard from them since. Please advise if I need to start a dispute now on PayPal while I still can. Aside from the money, I need to know if I wasted precious time and effort in the course and won’t get any certification because I do have a deadline for this. This makes me so sad.

  4. Hi Ampy.

    ITTT have been operating for a long time, under various websites it must be added, and I don’t feel the term ‘scam‘ can justifiably be labeled on them.

    I assume they are a big operation and that from time-to-time they might have the type of admin issues which you are now experiencing with the delay of receiving your certificate.

    My advice is to contact them through their Facebook Page if you can’t get a hold of them through either email or telephone.
    I’m sure it is all just a crisscross of communication and that you will receive your certificate shortly.

    If you would, could you please come back onto here to write an update if and when you do receive your certificate? Thank you so much and we have our fingers crossed for you.

    I would give it another week and then you might consider the Paypal chargeback.

    Once again though, they are an established company so I’m expecting a positive outcome for you.

    Mia Williams.

  5. Hello again Ampy.

    We have tried reaching out to ittt tefl in order to make them aware of your predicament. When we received no reply from the school, we tried contacting Linda D*******, to see if she could help us with the answer to this question.

    Linda, btw, tends to publish the same posts on multiple websites. She must have really loved her ittt tefl experience! Good on her! 🙂

    We have tried our best Ampy, but ultimately, we feel that it isn’t our responsibility to keep trying to chase up ittt tefl to resolve this issue.

    Again, I would suggest trying to contact ittt tefl through email, telephone, or through their social media platforms.
    I would give it until the end of the week and if you have still not received a sufficient reply then I would go ahead and apply for a course refund for services not rendered.

    I hope though that this all works out well for you and again, could you possibly come back on here when the solution has been met with ittt tefl, so that our readers can see that ittt tefl are committed to customer service.

    Thank you for your time.

    Mia Williams.

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