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ITTT TEFL Accreditation

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ITTT TEFL Accreditation

It was recently brought to our attention at Trusted TEFL Reviews that the ITTT TEFL Accreditation claims are questionable.

ITTT is an acronym for International TEFL and TESOL Training.

Firstly, we think it important that readers understand that ITTT TEFL runs multiple websites to sell the same bunch of its course offers.

These are:

There are probably more duplicate sites listed under other URLs.

This is an immediate red flag because it shows that this company is trying to muddy the waters with regard to its core business website identity.

Trusted TEFL Reviews took a screenshot of the footer of the accreditation page that lists ITTT’s apparent affiliations.

At first glance, it certainly looks impressive!

ITTT TEFL lists its Affiliations and Partners, and boy, there are many!

Here is that screenshot:

ITTT TEFL Accreditation Scam
ITTT TEFL Accreditation | Affiliations and Partners

Now, let’s look at the claims and delve into the truth.

ITTT TEFL Partners

The “Partners” are just websites that ITTT TEFL pays to be listed on and pays advertising money to.

A couple of the websites are dubious forums, notorious for a lack of any oversight, and a few of the websites are TEFL review websites that earn their money from the affiliate marketing model which they operate. In other words, they earn advertising money from the TEFL companies that they promote.

This is an obvious conflict of interest scenario because it is in the interests of those TEFL review websites to hide negative reviews and let fly fake positive reviews – reviews that are often written by the TEFL school itself.

ITTT TEFL Accreditation (Affiliations)

The Paris College of International Education is an online program, which is similar in stature to the University of American Samoa – go sand crabs!

OTTSA has been written about in detail on Trusted TEFL Reviews and has been identified as being a less-than-reputable TEFL accreditation body, based in Thailand – which, btw, is where ITTT TEFL is based. Search for “OTTSA” in the Trusted TEFL Reviews search box and you will see what we mean by “less-than-reputable”.

iatefl is an organization that, for an annual fee, will allow any TEFL program or education company to display its logo on its school website.

BGS is God knows what.

The Bangkok School of Management is reputable, but in no form or way accredits ITTT TEFL.

The Teacher Training Council spells “Accreditation” with a “d” instead of a “t” – “Accredidation”.

ITTT TEFL Accreditation | Teacher Training Council Logo Small
The Teacher Training Council provides “Accredidation”.

What reputable accreditation body misspells “accreditation”?

And, what does it tell you about a company that chooses to affiliate itself with an accreditation body that can’t spell “accreditation” correctly?

It appears that Teacher Training Council not only has issues with spelling “accreditation. They also clearly have an issue with dates.

The following are two screenshots from the Teacher Training Council accreditation website – taken on 24 March 2022 and one taken of an archived version of the same page on 19th January 2021:

ITTT TEFL Accreditation 2022
This screenshot was taken on 24 March 2022.
Teacher Training Council | ITTT TEFL Accreditation Scam
This screenshot was taken on 19 January 2021.

Furthermore, it is my guess that both Costa Rica TEFL and Will-Excel likely never applied to the Teacher Training Council for accreditation.

It is also my guess that Costa Rica TEFL and Will-Excel’s school names were added to the “Accredited TEFL / TESOL Programs” page simply to make the page seem more believable because people would think that there is a review process to become accredited by the Teacher Training Council (which, clearly, there very likely isn’t).

Given the above information, we suggest treading with caution when pondering your ITTT TEFL/TESOL training options.

There are lots of dodgy TEFL accreditation bodies out there.

We always recommend referring to the TEFL Accreditation Guide when weighing up which TEFL/TESOL accreditation will work best for you:


Take a look at the TEFL Directory for guidance:

The top-rated schools in the directory are top-rated for a legitimate reason.

Stay safe out there!

This ‘ITTT TEFL Accreditation’ post was written by Mia Williams, co-owner of Trusted TEFL Reviews (TTR)

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  1. One of the other things that doesn’t sit well with me, regarding ITTT TEFL, is that ITTT claims to run in-person TEFL courses in multiple locations across the globe:

    ITTT TEFL doesn’t run a single in-person TEFL program.

    What ITTT TEFL does do, is partner with TEFL schools across the globe and earn a commission on each of the course purchases.

    Here is an example for you:

    Let’s say that I want to take a TEFL course in Bogota, Colombia.

    A school offers the in-person TEFL program in Bogota and charges (rough estimate) $1,000 for the 4-week course.

    ITTT TEFL has a partnership with this TEFL school in Bogota – meaning they act as a middleman between you and the TEFL school – and I find this TEFL course advertised on the ITTT TEFL website.

    Because ITTT TEFL is a middleman, the cost of the course isn’t $1,000 but more like $1,200 (or even higher.)

    I enroll in the course with ITTT TEFL and I am able to secure my TEFL course place with a $200 deposit.

    I ask if I can pay the whole amount to ITTT TEFL, but they say that I can pay the outstanding balance when I arrive to Bogota.

    When I arrive to Bogota, I pay the $1,000 outstanding course fee.

    This is actually the $1,000 course fee that the school charges for the course and $200 as a hidden commission for ITTT TEFL that acts as a finder’s fee.

    The school in Bogota may have the ITTT TEFL company logo visible somewhere on its premises, but ITTT TEFL has absolutely nothing to do with the TEFL training that I am going to receive.

    With this system, a small online TEFL/TESOL program that is based in the Thai countryside (ITTT TEFL) can appear to outsiders as a far-reaching international TEFL program.

    Mia Williams – Trusted TEFL Reviews

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