“This is one of the most painful online experiences I have ever had.”

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ITTT review, submitted by Erin Reitz.

This is one of the most painful online experiences I have ever had. Although I have had to learn to be more thorough in determining if something offered online is profitable or credible, I will henceforth defend my right to share with the public the negative experiences I have had with this firm, and duly inform the public of the impending disappointment of obtaining certification with this firm.

Having already had past experiences with teaching foreign & English language(s) (i.e., teaching, tutoring, conversational & business language training), I decided that I wanted ‘up’ my credentials with an ESL, or TEFL/TESOL certification.

In the midst of the global pandemic, I signed up for the 120-hour course at (or ITTT), which cost me around 350 USD/$. It included a tutor, Job Placement Assistance & a free Bus. English course after completion of the main course.

I completed the coursework, including writing 500-1000 word essays at the end of each unit, in addition to submitting a longer essay at the very end. I passed the course with a score equivalent to an A-.

All this was done for nothing. It was as if I handed this company a nearly overflowing cup of effort and resources, just to receive an empty cup in return.

I will now mention the red flags to be aware of before signing up with ITTT:

1) You do not actually EVER hear from, or get to work with an assigned tutor, as promised.

2) The survey of questions before the start of your course on where you want to teach/live abroad is supposed to act as an aid in job placement..but it actually doesn’t.

3) There is no actual adequate Job Placement Assistance, online or abroad, from anyone at all after completing the course. Ever.

4) The certificate took 3 months to deliver for quite a large expense. Also, it is (visibly) documented by several sources to be “a fake TEFL certificate”.

5) Some applicants who are already living and working abroad found that they actually did not
need this certification, but liked the course

6) ITTT claims they have practice schools in different locations for applicants to receive hands-on, in-classroom practicum, but you will not hear or receive any information/instruction on completing a required practicum before job placement.

7) Certification from ITTT resulted in the rejection of employment with schools in countries, such as Japan, South Korea, and Germany, because it does not meet the required professional-level standards, which include all of the following:
– At least 100 hours of coursework & training
– Practicum involving live teaching & observation
– Accreditation of reputable examination body
– Lack of actual instruction by qualified instructors
(*instructors who hold Master’s degrees in
TEFL/TESOL with years of overseas teaching

8) ITTT suppresses reviews that reflect the customer’s disappointment/dissatisfaction with the course, instead of ensuring professional business practices to work with disgruntled applicants by fulfilling promises (if at all applicable) or by offering a refund of payment made.

To further elaborate on the 8th point made, I noticed that when the company invited me to leave a review of their services, they deleted my review on their website — or did not allow it to get through. Then, I received the exact same invitation to leave a review a few more times. I get the feeling that they only want to promote + reviews and are not sincerely interested in quality assurance. You will not hear from an actual live person from this firm. Hear ye.

I have also noticed that almost every review I have read on Trustpilot provides 0 details about their actual job placement at an actual school/institution in said country, by way of ITTT certification/job placement assistance. I have also noted this through other rating sites concerning ITTT. All of the positive reviews focus on rating the course material alone.

My review is real and honest.
I lost hundreds of my dollars and dedicated 120 hrs of my time trying to do something I believed was just; thereby expecting to receive the implied benefits of TEFL/TESOL certification, upon the performance of good faith business practices.

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