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Let’s TEFL China review.

2 star online tefl review

Let’s TEFL China Review Let’s TEFL review, written by Kevin.

Let’s TEFL claim to be an excellent choice if you are wanting to teach in Asia because they are Hong Kong-based and they claim to be able to arrange Teaching English placements around the Asian region. They were not able to help me with finding job placement in China and I couldn’t have felt more deflated by their results. Lots of promises before I paid for the course were not honored when the course was complete and I was expecting some help to find work. As they promise on their website. The Let’s TEFL course, however, I found engaging. It was a choice between letstefl.com or teflonlinepro.com and I should have gone with TEFL Online Pro. Oh well. you live, you learn. In the end, I did find work, but it took a long time, and without any support with the job-hunting process I made a few mistakes along the way. If you are looking to teach in China, you will need help and advice. It is an absolute minefield out there. So many scams. I was lucky that I ended up teaching for quite a good school. It could so easily have turned out the opposite.

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