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“Suited my needs perfectly.”

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Enjoy TEFL review, submitted by Amelia.

Suited my needs perfectly. I’m a non-native English speaker so I didn’t want to invest too heavily in a certification course which I might not be able to apply for my job hunting quest. I haven’t found a job yet, but Enjoy TEFL have said they will do all they can to help me secure a teaching English job overseas. The course is easy to folow and if there was or wasn’t tutor support, I never felt so out of depf that I would have needed to have this support. The course price was the cheapest I could find so if it doesn’t work out for me then I haven’t invested too heavily. I like this schoool and the stuff were always very polite to me. It did sometimes take a while for them to return my emails, but they always did in the end.

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