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Choosing a TESOL course was a really exhausting affair: there are so many options! In the end, I narrowed my search down to Premier tefl, i-to-i tefl, and a TESOL course I saw advertised on Groupon. The Groupon TESOL was less than £100 and although at first I was tempted to go for it, after some more research I quickly realized that these super-cheap courses are probably not worth the piece of paper they’re written on. I’m not so rich that I can afford such a cheap course if you know what I mean. Premier tefl and i-to-i tefl seem to offer pretty much the same courses and their fees are very similar. I wonder, are they the same company? Anyways, I ended up flipping a coin and Premier tefl won the toss. I was very happy with what I paid for and I’m sure I would have been equally happy had the coin turned up Heads for i-to-i. The course structure followed a logical path and apart from a few extra costs I wasn’t fully made aware of at the start, I think this is a very good course and if you are considering Premier tefl and are reading this then there will be no big concerns if you sign up. I’m wanting to teach English in China, where a TESOL certificate is needed, so I’m glad I already have this under my belt.

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