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Excellent Online TESOL option Premier TEFL review, submitted by Sophie.

Excellent Online TESOL option.

I returned home from traveling and planned to get a mundane job so I could afford to take a TESOL course somewhere. Someone I knew took theirs in Paris and it ended up costing her an arm and a leg! There were the flight tickets, the accommodation, living expenses, and the $1,800 for the 4-week course. It ended up costing her over $5,000 and that was before she had even begun teaching! Note: she did begin teaching after her course and paid back the initial upfront fees (described above) within 6 months. No wonder it’s big business for these schools offering in-class certification!

Fortunately for me, I came across the Premier TEFL website before I had committed to traveling overseas for the TESOL class and the total cost to get the TESOL certificate wasn’t $5,000. More like $500!

I didn’t need to travel anywhere to take the course and I was able to complete it over a 2-week period and from home.

For anyone who hasn’t taken a course online, don’t worry that you won’t be able to succeed with it online. These online TESOL companies are now well-established and have online studying down to a T.

I paid for the course online and then got sent my login details for the website. When you log in, you see your own study area where you complete the course a module at a time. There is the help provided by the Premier TEFL office if you have a bit of the course you are stuck on. I just needed to ask one thing just once. It’s a straightforward course to take that shouldn’t have you needing so much help in completing it.

I think anyone taking one of the in-class TESOL courses is crazy IMHO. Go for an Online TESOL. You’ll save a load and it’s a stress-free alternative.

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