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“TEFL Full Circle was OK”

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TEFL Fullcircle review, submitted by Simona.

This is a relatively decent choice if you need to get quickly qualified to teach English. I thought the course could have done with having a visual component instead of the total reliance on text-based learning. Perhaps this is something included in their longer 160-Hour TEFL. With the 120-Hour version though it is all about reading text and then answering quiz questions. The course covers most of the areas I would have thought needed covering in a course of this type. The learning interface got a bit clumsy for periods during the course. It’s a cheaper course than some others and it does show. TEFL Full Circle was OK.

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  1. I don’t recommend TEFL FULLCIRCLE. They lie to their customers and charge you a small fortune at the end of the course for the certificate and job placement.

  2. Chris.

    It’s great that you left a two-sentence review of TEFL FullCircle, but I think our readers will find your feedback much more helpful if you were to write a review and submit it to us so that we can verify that you took the TEFL FullCircle course.

    Mia Williams

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