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“The content covered in the Fast Track course was thorough and impressive”

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I obtained my TEFL certificate from TEFL Online Pro. I enrolled in the Fast Track 60-Hour International Online TEFL Certification Course. I was very impressed by the content of the course. I have been an ESL teacher for more than 6 years already. My previous teaching positions did not require the TEFL certificate but recently I have changed positions to a school that has the requirement. I chose TEFL Online Pro because they won the 2020 Teacher’s Choice Award. This award is well deserved. The content covered in the Fast Track course was thorough and impressive. I really like their streamlined approach to lesson plans. For years I have spent a lot of time creating elaborate lesson plans when it wasn’t necessary. Using their PPP style method, it gets directly to what is important. It is clear and concise, allowing me to focus on the information I really want to communicate to my students. Part of the course is to create two specific lesson plans. This was a great exercise to try the new PPP method and get some feedback for improvement. As a teacher, it is very important to have a clear learning objective for students. One of the modules focused on tools and techniques for giving effective classes, offering a wealth of resources for teachers to refer to. There is a great section on how to handle unexpected situations in the classroom. This section gives thought-provoking options for handling various types of situations that, trust me, will arise. It’s great to have these pre-thought-out responses available in my toolbox. Even though I have been a teacher for a few years, I still learned some new and improved techniques for giving corrections and feedback in a more positive manner. TEFL Online Pro offered very specific suggestions including body language. This was important to me because I believe that instilling confidence in my students is key to keeping them interested in the learning process. Additionally, reviewing the grammar related to verbs was essential. It has been a few years since I have sat on the other side of the desk as a student. As grammar and language evolve, it was nice to have this refresher course. The content and examples given were very clear. I also enjoyed reviewing the module on International testing systems. I have many students preparing to work or study in English-speaking countries. The information included in this section will help me better prepare these students for future endeavors. Understanding the types and formats of these exams is essential to this process. The course also includes other important topics such as the Phonetic Alphabet and voiced/voiceless pronunciation. These are key elements in effective teaching. There is also a module guiding current or prospective teachers on locations to consider when applying for teaching jobs. Included in this module were excellent tips for writing your CV/Resume and interview techniques. I have already recommended TEFL Online Pro to several colleagues who do not have their TEFL certificates. The course teacher support is incredible! My course teacher was very responsive and offered helpful suggestions. If you need a TEFL certificate… TEFL Online Pro!!

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