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Love TEFL i-to-i TEFL review, submitted by Carol.

Love TEFL is the sister company of i-to-i TEFL and both were instrumental in getting me started on my amazing TEFL adventure overseas. I took my course through i-to-i TEFL and Love TEFL was the company I was then referred to in order to begin my job search. I was literally shocked by how prevalent English language courses are global. I knew a few people who had taught English overseas – however, I had no idea just how popular it was to learn English as a foreign/second language.

The course was great. Taking this course online was just so pleasant and I genuinely learned a lot on this course I didn’t need to travel anywhere to take it, it didn’t cost me an arm and a leg, and the certification taken online isn’t looked down in any way when compared to taking this certification in a 4 weeks classroom setting. So def don’t bother shelling out $$$$ and taking a TEFL or TESOL class onsite. It’s just not worth it. Really. Take it online: you won’t come across any issues with schools accepting your certification.

My advice though IS to do a lot of preparation before you set off overseas with regard to what you can expect when you land there. By this, I mean things like local customs, laws, etc. I’ve met a few teachers along the way who didn’t do any pre-overseas prep and they def had a more difficult time assimilating when they first arrived. So the take from this review is not to worry about whether you will get a job or not. You will. Just make sure to get your certification through a recommended school like i-to-i TEFL and make sure it’s 120 hours or more because (depending on the country where you’ll be teaching) anything less and you might have a difficult time with getting your work visa.

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