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“Overpriced for what you receive”

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Is Learn TEFL legit?

Learn TEFL is not legitimate because it is not a Fully Accredited TEFL course provider.

It is accredited by IARC, which is not a reputable accreditation provider.

Think about it. Would you employ someone who spent under $100 on a 120-Hour TEFL certificate that was issued by a dodgy accreditation body?

Trusted TEFL Reviews’ advice is to invest a little bit more and obtain a Fully Accredited TEFL/TESOL certificate.

2 star online tefl review

Is Learn TEFL Legit Learn TEFL review, submitted by Mike.

Is Learn TEFL Legit? Overpriced for what you receive.

A friend recommended I take the Learn TEFL 120 hours Online TESL course and I regretted taking her advice as soon as I started the course. OK, so it is quite cheap at $215 (US). that’s what I thought anyway until the end when they asked more for the certificate and more if I wanted help finding a job. FYI, it’s a very basic course. I just don’t understand how anyone could recommend this course when the content is so sparse on content and when it just isn’t possible to learn much without using other sources as reference tools. The study interface looks like it was hastily put together and I counted at least 10 typos contained within the module texts. This sort of sloppiness defined Learn TEFL for me. I’ve since read that some of the better Online TESL courses provide active tutor feedback. I didn’t receive this. If I had a question, I would send off a message/email and wouldn’t hold my breath for a reply. No responses came. They just take your money, let you get on with it, and then sting you at the end with their hidden fees. To be honest, I regret making this choice. Sure, you can probably use the certificate. I would have wanted to actually learn something meaningful about TEFL to be able to go into a classroom and feel I had the knowledge to conduct a class. I just don’t feel that way after taking this Learn TEFL 120-hour online course. My advice is to consider other Online TEFL course options before settling on this one.

Essential Tip!

It is imperative that you choose a Fully Accredited TEFL/TESOL online international certification course program.

Such courses will open more employment doors for you and provide you with better teaching salaries – for both online and in-person English teaching jobs.

If in doubt, choose from one of the Top 5 Online TEFL/TESOL certification course programs in 2023:

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