“This was a really good combined tefl course option”

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Is CIEE TEFL legit?

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Is CIEE TEFL legit CIEE TEFL review, submitted by Alexandra.

Is CIEE TEFL Legit? This was a really good combined tefl course option.

I wanted to take the tefl certification online, but I also wanted to take a teaching practice component. When I checked, I couldn’t see any companies offering this combination. Then I stumbled upon CIEE and saw they offer this package with their 150 hour combined tefl course. It’s a bit more cheaper than taking it in-class too, so that was an additional bonus I wasn’t expecting either.

Both the online course and the teaching practice went smoothly. I studied the course on my laptop and I taught kids at my local high school for the teaching hours. The main benefit of doing this course was that you get to learn the rules and techniques of teaching the language when you complete the online section of the course and then you get to put it into practice when you teach the practical component.

It was a bit disappointing when looking for work and interviewing that schools didn’t really seem impressed when I pointed out the hours taught on my certificate. They just wanted to see if I had the tefl certificate or not and whether it came from a known tefl program. Regardless of this, I am happy that I chose a course with the teaching component because it gave me more reassurance in my ability when I interviewed and when I then began teaching.

I can recommend CIEE for anyone looking for this course type.

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