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Is UNI-Prep Institute Legit?

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Is UNI-Prep Institute Legit?

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Is UNI-Prep Institute legit UNI-Prep review, submitted by Richard.

Is UNI-Prep Institute Legit? A reasonably affordable TESOL Online course.

The UNI-Prep Institute course was predominantly a good experience and with the positive of containing video tutorials within the course content structure. I didn’t find the video content to be always that understandable and some of the class teaching styles didn’t transfer well, but I did appreciate learning from video and having the text learning broken up via this medium. The rest of the course is text-based, with multiple choice quizzes needed to be completed so as to continue on to the next stage of the course. What I really loved about the course was how it could be done in my own time and at my own pace. I nearly didn’t take the TESOL online. Many posters on forums were championing the message that Online TESOL courses were a complete waste of time and Onsite TESOL courses were the only route to successful employment. Not true. Not true at all. I roughly saved $2,000 by taking my TESOL course online as opposed to taking it Onsite and I’ve never had anyone question the legitimacy of my Online TESOL certification. In fact, no school has ever questioned if it is Online or Onsite certification. My last point is that UNI-Prep Institute does provide some help in supporting you through the job application process, but IMHO the support provided just wasn’t extensive enough. There are lots of ESL jobs out there, but lots of other applicants too, so having a lot of job employment support will help you advance quicker from the outset. Overall I thought this was a fairly decent TESOL Online course.

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  1. It has been brought to our attention at Trusted TEFL Reviews that The Uni-Prep Institute is now marketing its courses with the option for students who take their courses, of receiving a course certificate with either ‘TEFL’ or ‘TESOL’ mentioned on the certification.

    This is a marketing gimmick.

    Whilst there are slight differences between TEFL and TESOL, they are, for all intents and purposes, the same term, and the vast majority of Online TEFL certification programs automatically issue certificates with both ‘TEFL’ and ‘TESOL’ stipulated on their certificates.

    The chances that a school employer will ask whether your certificate is a ‘TEFL’ or ‘TESOL’ certificate are practically zero.

    Certificates that are internationally recognized contain the term TEFL, TESOL, TESL, or CELTA.

    Read this ‘Accreditation 101’ article for more information regarding this topic:


    Mia Williams.

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