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“140-Hour Hybrid TESOL from Tefl Online Pro”

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tefl online pro review, submitted by Orianna.

140-Hour Hybrid Tesol from Tefl Online Pro.

The good things:

The possibility to study online to get the equivalent of a 4-week in-class TESOL certificate was a very attractive feature of this course. The first 120 hours are taught online, through the teflonlinepro.com website, and then the 20 teaching hours can be taught in-person or online. I chose the latter option. This is a pretty cool option if you want the credibility of an in-class TESOL certificate without having to travel anywhere to take it.

The course is very user-friendly and comes with a modern design. I was so happy after reading how some schools haven’t upgraded their learning systems for years and as a result, offer an outdated study interface. There were no problems with page crashes or technical issues or anything else like that either.

I was happy with the price. It’s not the cheapest and not the most expensive. Appears to sit somewhere in the middle. I’m curious if it would be cheaper to just take the TEFL Online Pro 120-hour course and then ask them to add the 20 teaching practice hours later. I never asked them about this so could be worth seeing whether it saves you a bit.

My online tutors (Paul and Sue) were fantastic. One of them was always available and their feedback was detailed and encouraging. The replies to my course messages were always answered quickly.

I received my certificate in the same week that I completed my 20 hours of teaching. Have used the certification numerous times over the past year and a bit. Never had any issues.

I still occasionally need to ask the TEFL Online Pro office for information and they still always answer quickly.

Room for improvement:

I could have done with learning a bit more about the different teaching cultures around the world. Teaching abroad is covered in one of the later modules of the course, but a suggestion for TEFL Online Pro would be to create an additional module and go through the teaching culture of each country where TEFL takes place.


The 140-Hour Hybrid Tesol was great value for money and came with excellent support. I have used the certificate for online and in-class teaching jobs and never had a problem. Recommended!

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