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“i-to-i Online TEFL TESOL TESL Course Review”

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5 star online tefl review

i-to-i TEFL review, submitted by Holly.

i-to-i Online TEFL TESOL TESL Course Review.

The tipping point for me was reading on the i-to-i TEFL homepage that they are the ‘World’s Leading TEFL Course Provider’. What else did I need to know? I signed up immediately. If a company has been operating for more than 25 years, as they claim, then for me that is the safest bet I can place my money on.

No problems with paying or gaining course access. I gained LOTS of useful, no, ESSENTIAL teaching tips and teaching guidance.

My first time taking an education course online and if this one is to go by then I will be making studying online my habit.

They even offer TEFL internships once you’ve TEFL course completed.

Love their website. Loved the course. Love the potential opportunities in the future. I would give this course a 6 if I could.

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  1. Hello Holly.

    Thanks for your review.

    Sorry it took so long to publish but we needed to be 100% certain that your review was authentic. This is why we requested a copy of your i-to-i TEFL / Love TEFL certificate. Your review was flagged because it appeared to contain marketing lingo. All is fine now though and your review has been authenticated.

    We would just like to add though that by i-to-i TEFL / Love TEFL claiming that they are indeed the world’s leading TEFL course provider, that by doing so, they may be breaking EU business regulations. There are many Online TEFL courses available and just as in Europe you can’t use the term ‘best’ together with a product, we are sure that you can’t use the term ‘leading’ neither. Especially when the claim isn’t accurate.

    Nonetheless, your 5-star review does mean a slight move up the Trusted TEFL Reviews ranking table for i-to-i TEFL / Love TEFL.

    Mia Williams

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