“My Tutor was excellent and very prompt with the turnaround and replies”

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4 star online tefl review

TEFL Org UK review, submitted by James McPherson.

I successfully completed the tefl.org level 5 online course from the UK Center on March 4, 2020. My certificate was shipped to me on March 6. I Downloaded a copy from the site on March 8, 2020.
I found the 6 modules course reasonably complete. The grammar course module was very good for me. Some of the teaching theory in the methodology module was a bit one size fits all but good. I did have a problem with several of the early demonstration videos’ audio. I would suggest they get a professional video sound person and reshoot those couples. Teaching large classes and telephone modules is a bit tedious and short. I understand there is an “advanced” course for more $ for them. My Tutor was excellent and very prompt with the turnaround and replies. There are several program glitches that as an ex-coder I would rewrite. And the startup instructions are ambiguous putting the modules in a different order than is suggested in the narrative. I did sign up for the “American” version however I got the British. I doubt there is much more than the obvious differences, Of Course, the Brits are much more polite than the Americans. Except for the tech people I had conversations with they are infected with the American tech gurus “I’m the expert,” attitude, ” just shut up and do it my way”. Even the manager I asked to speak to about the sloppy audio on one of the videos gave me a canned reply about how many thousands of people they had trained and that made them infallible. (Probably learned PR from the royals.) All that being said I give it four stars and would recommend this course.

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  1. Hello James.

    Thanks for your review.

    We needed to edit out the live link to the course. We also needed to edit out the promotional discount mention at the end.

    Nonetheless, your 4-star review does mean a slight move up the Trusted TEFL Reviews Online TEFL/TESOL certification course ranking table for TEFL Org UK.

    We left in your note about the British being more polite than the Americans, because that is your opinion, although we strongly disagree with this statement.

    Mia Williams

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