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“It worked for me. It might work for you”

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TEFL Fullcircle review, submitted by Yulia.

If you are looking for a bare-bones Tefl course just to get the certification then why not with Tefl FullCircle? I chose this company purely on the price point. It was cheap. I didn’t care about the course content as so many other people seem to. I’m a non-native English speaker so I could probably write the course. It didn’t go into great depth detail, but I suppose that’s why it is geared towards native English speakers who didn’t need to learn English as a second language. I can’t say if it is a good course. I can’t say if it is a bad course. It is one of many advertised online which at the end supplies you with a certificate with ‘TEFL’ on it. That was good enough for me. Some more help finding work would have been nice. The copied and pasted list of schools I could have easily researched myself online. But I already had a job and just needed a certificate from a TEFL school which my language school could verify online. It worked for me. It might work for you.

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  1. I’m a Director of Studies at a school in Bangkok and I’ve had a couple of folks come in recently with TEFL certificates from TEFL Fullcircle.
    It was shocking how little knowledge they had of basic teaching technique, even the most basic terminology (CCQ/ICQ etc.)

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