“MANY promises were made, few were delivered”

2 star online tefl review

MyTEFL review, submitted by Anonymous.

For fear of possible retribution from mytefl, I would rather my name were not published with this review. If this isn’t possible, please ignore this message and don’t publish.

Well, I guess I’m another person in a long line of people who have fallen for the clever mytefl marketing trap.

MANY promises were made, few were delivered.

I chose mytefl because of their OTTSA accreditation and the low price, on a 35% discount at the time.

I’ve since found out, through that OTTSA is a creation of mytefl and their “TEFL friends”.

You know what. This actually doesn’t bother me so much. No-one ever asked me about accreditation when I applied for jobs, so if mytefl want to keep on peddling their fake accreditation credentials then that’s their costly choice for themselves.

What DID bother me was that despite being promised all the support in the world in finding work, the line of communication went dead as soon as the certificate arrived in the post.

The course is OK. Nothing amazing Not terrible either. I guess it’s your standard online TEFL course. And the certificate does look good. I must admit that. Costs a fair penny for it though. Yes, there are hidden costs.

If only mytefl would ditch their fake accreditation, cut back on the hidden fees, and live up to the promises they make, they could be an excellent outfit. But I have read the warnings. I have seen how they pay people to write nice things about them in return for an affiliates bonus.

It just isn’t right.

We are talking about someone’s life dream trip abroad. Perhaps a once in a lifetime experience. You need to choose wisely when making such important decisions.

I’ll give mytefl a couple of stars for the course. But that is all I will ever give them again.

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