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“If you are thinking of taking the jump into TEFL, then tefl online pro are the people you should go through. Their support is amazing”

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tefl online pro review, submitted by Benjamin.

Man. Took this course a few years back when I was a fresh-out-of-college graduate and this Tefl certification has paid for my trip so far down to San Jose, Costa Rica. I plan on traveling the whole distance down to Argentina or Chile, but that’s a long way ahead of me yet. Dude. It was cheap to take the course – all done online – and they help you along the way if you have any urgent questions (like I did in Mexico city 😀

It’s not just about the traveling though. As you teach your way along, you get to meet great local people and you sometimes make a real difference in the lives of the local people. For me, this type of travel is a win/win because I didn’t need to save for months before starting my trip, and the people I teach along the way not only give you that Wow factor but also continue to finance your journey-all through clean, respectable work.

If you are thinking of taking the jump into TEFL, then tefl online pro is the people you should go through. Their support is amazing.

My only regret was not paying more for their 140 hours combined course, because at first, I felt a bit out of my depth teaching with only the materials learned online. I soon picked it up, but that extra kickstart would have made those first few weeks smoother.

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    All three of these TEFL/TESOL certification programs spend vast amounts of their time trashing any TEFL/TESOL program they feel threatened by, with impunity, because they don’t have an international accreditation body behind them to prevent them from doing so.

    The appalling student reviews of all three of these programs speak for themselves.

    CIEE TEFL and OISE University of Toronto TEFL have also been targets.

    Mia Williams

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