“If I could go back in time, I would have chosen to study with someone else.”

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2 star online tefl review

UNI-Prep review, submitted by Jane.

I was really quite annoyed because I took the time to leave a review on the TEFL Course Review website and I was asked to provide proof of course participation, which I did by providing a scanned copy of my course certificate, and I was subsequently notified that my review would not be published and the communication petered out.

I then decided to leave my Uni-Prep Online TEFL course review on Trusted TEFL Reviews, I was also asked to provide proof of course attendance (certificate) and I was assured that my review would be published within 24 hours.

Something is extremely fishy going on with some of these review websites. I see that Uni-Prep pay for advertising on the TEFL Course Review website. Could this have anything to do with my perfectly legitimate review not being published by their webmasters?

This was my first course taken online. I actually chose the Uni-Prep Institute based on the many positive reviews on the TEFL Course Review website.

It did its job. You get to read materials, look at outdated videos, and then have the opportunity to answer quiz questions which were far too easy for a course of this price and apparent amazing standing within the TEFL professional field.

Help with finding work and all that complicated foreign visa stuff was sorely missed.

I did write to Edaccredit to complain, as they are the accrediting company for Uni-Prep Institute, but I never received a reply. I also tried calling their number, but no mention of telephone contact is listed on their website.

If I could go back in time, I would have chosen to study with someone else.

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  1. Hello Jane.

    Yes, we are aware that there is almost a mafia system to some of the other TEFL review websites, where positive reviews are published and negative reviews are not published – money passing hands in the process of each type of transaction.

    At Trusted TEFL Reviews, we publish all verified customer reviews, whether they are positive or negative.

    This does draw us quite a lot of online flack from some of the more corrupt Online TEFL schools, but we are in this for ethical reasons.

    And regarding your concerns with the Uni-Prep Institute accreditation: there is no international accreditation body for Online TEFL courses.

    I have been teaching for almost ten years now, and never once was I asked which accreditation organization issued my (online) TEFL certificate.

    For an Online TEFL/TESOL certification company to be considered ‘internationally recognized’ they must cover the core TEFL/TESOL training elements. This, for the most part, means providing a TEFL/TESOL course that covers 120 hours (or more) of online training (less so if you are already teaching and simply need to take a refresher TEFL/TESOL course for a certain visa requirement.)

    Mia Williams

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