The TEFL Academy

The TEFL Academy certification review

The TEFL Academy certification review.

This review comes with an April 2021 update, regarding The TEFL Academy Scam Warning.

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The TEFL Academy review, submitted by Casey.

The TEFL Academy certification review.

Came across this program after a lot of online TEFL course searching. Having recently just taken it, I feel comfortable advising other students about the course: 1. It’s a lot easier than you think or expect. For sure, it will consume much less than the advised workload of 168 hours. 2. The content that is covered is great. 3. The support offered is quite good, although more could be done with helping to find TEFL jobs abroad. 3. I don’t have prior knowledge of TEFL and the grammar sections were probably the hardest parts for me. 4. There isn’t a whole deal of follow-up on tasks submitted. 5. It will be enough to land you a teaching job. I’d recommend it, with a few relatively minor reservations.

April 2021 update: The TEFL Academy Scam Warning.

Trusted TEFL Reviews received a TEFL Academy review from an employee of the TEFL Academy. When we refused to publish (Caitriona’s) review, together with a live link to her website, where she earns money in affiliate links, Caitriona Maria first threatened us, and then decided that she would publish misleading information about us online. Caitriona is a TEFL Academy Brand Ambassador. Trusted TEFL Reviews has reported this program ot the regulatory body that loosely overseas them: Ofqual.

Read about this scam warning:

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  1. Thomas Gibbons, Marketing Director at The TEFL Academy.

    This message is in response to the third time today of you insisting on a telephone chat, despite me making it crystal clear from your first request that we prefer all communication with Online TEFL/TESOL certification course programs to be in written form. I do not wish you to encroach on my privacy. Besides, to maintain transparency and mutual professional relationships, we always prefer written communication.
    Trusted TEFL Reviews ( is an unbiased Online TEFL/TESOL certification course reviews website, and we welcome real customer reviews of all the (currently-active) 46 Online TEFL/TESOL certification course programs listed on Trusted TEFL Reviews.
    However, we reserve the right not to publish one-liner reviews, and we reserve the right not to publish spammy content. One example of “spammy content” is when we receive a bunch of 5-star reviews of one program, within a very short period of time – as we did with The TEFL Academy, last November.
    This may work for other review websites, but it doesn’t work with Trusted TEFL Reviews.
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    As you can see, a number of your graduates have already taken this path:

    Mia Williams
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  2. I recently purchased a Level 5 TEFL Course with TEFL Academy and I am most definitely NOT happy with what I have received so far from this company. I chose them because of their customer reviews, most of which I am 99.9% certain are written by the company. It’s the only reason I can think of why TEFL Academy have so many positive reviews when the course is overpriced and not what was promised. I will continue with the course but I am not learning a whole lot so far. Customer service is non-existent too.

  3. Trusted TEFL Reviews advises that you tread with extreme caution, regarding the reviews you read online about The TEFL Academy.

    One of their employees, Caitriona, is masquerading as a Joe Public TEFL “expert”:

    Their overall aim is to promote The TEFL Academy courses, so they can receive an affiliate link commission.

    We would like to, again, let our readers know that The TEFL Academy is not a de facto accredited TEFL course provider.

    Further information:

    Mia Williams.

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