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“Is TEFL Universal Legit?”

Is TEFL Universal Legit? No!

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TEFL Universal is yet another Online TEFL program, thought up in the first few months of the pandemic, that tries to heavily undercut some of the more reputable Online TEFL programs cost-wise.

The issue, though, is that TEFL Universal’s courses are not internationally recognized and you just won’t be able to use the certificate at any reputable ESL schools- online or on-site.

Essential Tip!

You must choose a Fully Accredited TEFL TESOL online international certification course program.

Such courses will open more employment doors for you, ensure your certificate is work-visa-friendly, and provide you with better teaching salaries – for both online and in-person English teaching jobs.

If in doubt, choose from one of the Top 5 Online TEFL TESOL certification course programs in 2023/2024:

The 5 Best Online TEFL TESOL Courses in 2023/2024

This is the Homepage for TEFL Universal:

Is TEFL Universal Legit? | The TEFL Universal Homepage
TEFL Universal’s Homepage.

It certainly seems legit on the surface.

However, there are two major red flags:

  1. Accreditat is a very dodgy accreditation website. As well as rubber stamping TEFL courses, they also own and run casinos. Because it is so easy for anyone to get accreditation from Accreditat, the less reputable courses choose Accreditat for their way into the market.
  2. UKRLP / UK Register of Learning Providers. Anyone can establish a Limited (Ltd.) company in the UK, and, if they run courses – any courses – they can add their courses to the national database, It takes about 5 minutes to add a course to UKRLP. I could create a limited company in a few minutes and then create a 5-minute course based on the best ways of getting from the sofa to the bathroom. I would spend about 5 minutes adding that course to the UKRLP and abracadabra: I can paste the UKRLP logo on my website.

Btw, there is a growing trend of Indian TEFL companies creating UK Limited companies and selling their courses as UK-government-regulated.

If you set up a UK Limited company, it just means that you found an address in the UK, had a bit of spare change in your pocket, and spent a few minutes online registering a company name.

It does not follow that your company is UK-government-regulated.

After having conducted due diligence, Trusted TEFL Reviews can conclude that TEFL Universal is an online TEFL program originating from South Africa.

Is TEFL Universal Fully Accredited? No!
A clear example of an Accredited program masquerading as “Fully Accredited”.

TEFL Universal is not Fully Accredited.

It is technically Accredited because it is accredited by Accreditat, despite its obvious flaws.

But to claim Fully Accredited status is an outright lie.

Read the TEFL Accreditation Guide: https://trustedteflreviews.com/tefl-accreditation-guide/

The TEFL Universal logo is poorly designed
TEFL Universal’s logo

This is the lazy, path-of-the-least-resistance logo that TEFL Universal went with.

If they spent so little effort on their program logo, what do you think you can expect from the course content?

Cheap 120-Hour TEFL course TEFL Universal
120-Hour TEFL course for under US$100

Trusted TEFL Reviews has spent the past few years advising TEFL students not to purchase a 120-Hour TEFL course for under US$100.


If you do, you will find yourself being able to complete the course in a day, there will be no tutor support, the course materials will be subpar, and you will receive aggressive offers to become a referrer for the course- making a sales commission for every new person who takes the course based on your recommendation.

These dirt-cheap TEFL courses have become wise to this.

What they are now doing is stating on their websites that their 120-Hour courses are usually much more expensive, but that for a limited period only, you have the amazing opportunity to get a 120-Hour course for under US$100.

World TESOL Academy also adheres to this business model: https://trustedteflreviews.com/category/world-tesol-academy/

Do you really think a 120-Hour TEFL course retailing at under US$100 is going to sufficiently train you to be an effective TEFL teacher?

Do you really think a 120-Hour TEFL course retailing at under US$100 is going to be well-received by online and abroad TEFL employers?

TEFL Universal’s Facebook Page

A giant red flag is when a company disables its Facebook page Reviews tab.

The TEFL Universal Facebook page has its Reviews tab disabled.

Why would they do this if they are open to receiving verified customer reviews from their TEFL students?

Fake TEFL reviews on Trustpilot

Trustpilot is the go-to for all the dishonest TEFL companies that want to load the dice in their favor; especially when they run a referral (affiliate’s) program.

See all of those 4 and 5-Star reviews? They were written by TEFL Universal students trying to claw back their initial course fee by hoping to convince someone to purchase a TEFL Universal course through their referral agreement with TEFL Universal.

Is TEFL Universal Legit? No, of course, it isn’t.

You may get a kumbaya twinkly feeling when you buy a 120-hour TEFL certification course for under US$100 (in this case, only US$28) but you will fail in any online or abroad job school interview.

You might find some online teaching work, paying well below the going rate, but, ultimately, you will likely become just another TEFL Universal referral minion.

Is TEFL Universal Legit? Trusted TEFL Reviews has added this program to the TEFL Scams section:



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The 5 Best Online TEFL & TESOL certification courses in 2023 & 2024 - trustedteflreviews.com


    1. Hi, Cherry! Ideally, you should be searching for Online TEFL/TESOL programs that offer Fully Accredited 120-Hour certification courses for around $300 USD. Some TEFL programs run occasional discounts, but the retail price of the 120-Hour course (including the discount) should never go below $150 USD. The reason for the need to invest a bit more is that the course content will be top-notch and will properly train you to teach English. After taking the course, you will feel prepared to start teaching. Another reason is that the more expensive courses offer things like a personal tutor when you are taking the course and life-long job guidance. Employers are going to be more receptive to being presented with a certificate from a TEFL program that maintains a long-term education goal. I’d recommend checking the TEFL Course Directory. As Mia so often correctly explains: “The top-rated schools in the directory are top-rated for a legitimate reason.” Here is that link for you: https://trustedteflreviews.com/tefl-course-directory/

  1. Cherry.

    Thanks for your comment.

    A Fully Accredited 120-Hour Online TEFL/TESOL certification course will cost $$$.

    The average price is US$300.

    You can sometimes find some great discounts on these courses, but even with the discount, you must expect to pay $$$.

    Mia Williams – Trusted TEFL Reviews

  2. I paid 150 USD for the 120 hours TEFL/TESOL certification course online with teflonlinepro.com.
    It’s usually more expensive but they r running a Christmas/New Year sale and I saved 50% which I am really happy I managed to get. So far the course is really good and the support is also really good. I’ve had a few questions and someone got back to me each time within a few minutes. I recommend the program.

  3. Hi, I have applied for TEFL Universal course and was asked to pay already the amount of R219.00 which was on due special.
    My concern is that there was an icon for verification code which I forgot to put it on. Is it a big issue to miss it?

    I also couldn’t find the questionnaire to start and complete. Please assist.

    Thank you and regards

    1. Rethabile.

      Thanks for your comment.

      We can’t help you because we are an independent TEFL reviews website.

      I would suggest contacting TEFL Universal and hope and pray that someone eventually gets back to you, if at all.

      This is one of the many issues in choosing a dirt-cheap TEFL course such as TEFL Universal.

      Mia Williams – Trusted TEFL Reviews

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