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“tefl online pro 140-Hour Hybrid TESOL certification course review”.

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4 star online tefl review

tefl online pro review, submitted by Wade N.

tefl online pro 140-Hour Hybrid TESOL certification course review.

tefl online pro offers three international Online TEFL courses, but their Fast-Track (60-Hour) is only eligible for teachers already in the profession. I tried applying for this course because it would have saved me a pretty penny, but was told that despite my volunteer teaching work, I wasn’t eligible. Hey ho. Whatever.

The Professional (120-Hour) is for people like myself, who have little to no formal teaching experience and I was torn between taking this one, and their 140-Hour Hybrid, which includes 20 hours of teaching practice.

The difference between these two courses’ prices is just $150, so I enrolled in the one that would demonstrate teaching hours on my certificate.

In the end, I’m pleased I chose the latter because, at job interviews, employers consider this certification along the lines of the CELTA/Trinity.

Not that you will have any problems working on an Online TEFL, but why not invest a little more and get a CELTA equivalent for about a quarter of the price?

tefl online pro is an online school so they don’t have designated classrooms, where you get to teach your classes. This wasn’t an issue for me. I received my lesson planning forms from them, and after each class submitted them to their school offices, where they were promptly marked and given added suggestions for how I could approach my next classes.

My students were pretty much anyone from my local community who wanted a free English lesson.

Overall, I found the online study experience to be very straightforward, and I pity the person who chose a residential TEFL course instead; spending a few $$$$ to receive the same certificate as I did.

I’m giving tefl online pro nine stars from ten.

Wade N. Teaching English in Madrid since September 2018.

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  1. Thank you very much, Wade, for leaving such a positive review of our 140-Hour Hybrid Combined Online/Onsite course.
    We definitely agree with you that for the services provided, the course price, and the end-product result, that it does pose the question of why anyone would choose to spend four or five times+ on an equivalent CELTA/Generic Online course.
    I hope you are picking up the wonderful, Spanish language well, and that your addiction to tapas hasn’t meant a wardrobe revamp 🙂
    If you do become to tire of teaching English in Madrid – if that is even possible – then please remember that we are here to provide ongoing job support.
    ¡buena suerte! 🙂
    Paul Murphy
    Operations Manager

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