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“i to i Level 3 120-hour Online TEFL/TESOL certification course review.”

3 star online tefl review

i-to-i TEFL review, submitted by Anonymous.

i to i Level 3 120-hour Online TEFL/TESOL certification course review.

The customer service was very good. When I had a question, I sent off an email, and within a few days I received a reply back. The seven day turn around though on receiving assignment feedback was a little poor I thought. I mean, seven days is a long time to wait for someone to respond to submitted work.

All in all, the course was well-designed and easy to navigate. Just one peeve is I wished it could have contained more grammar study. It’s a very easy course, so I doubt anyone has ever failed it. I can’t imagine how anyone could. It’s not set up for you to fail, so this is a huge positive in my opinion.

It wasn’t a nice surprise to find out that I needed to pay for the hard copy certificate. As I don’t live in the UK, I had to pay a significant amount for “shipping”. When I finally received the certificate it looked great, so in the end I didn’t mind paying for it. I did check their T+C’s after and saw they do write about this additional charge, so it’s not hidden at least.

They help with the job finding process, but only so much. I wouldn’t rely on them as a sole resource for this. But they did send me in the direction of some useful websites, so at least there was some help.

If I had to take the TEFL all over again, I would probably choose a different company. That’s not to write that my experience with i to i was terribly negative. It wasn’t bad, but I was really expecting better.

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