The TEFL Institute of Ireland

“A good all-round course that does the job.”

3 star online tefl review

The TEFL Institute of Ireland review, submitted by Chris.

I was hesitant at first taking an online course to teach English because i’d read on the various tefl forums that employers don’t recognise online tefl certification courses. This is obviously a load of old rubbish as i’ve used the certification abroad and had no issues with recognition. Actually, not one employer who i interviewed for asked if it was an online tefl course which i took, or whether it was taken online. With that said, i did have a few complaints about the actual quality of the training institute course. I noticed quite a few misspellings and grammar errors in the course texts. And i thought it could have been presented in a more user-friendly format. Finding work on my own was difficult, but i did get there in the end. A good all-round course that does the job.

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