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2 star online tefl review

ICAL TEFL review, submitted by Caitlin.

What the hell is ICAL TEFL up to? Why are they accepting third-party Google ads on their school website now???!!! I thought it was time I shared my experience with the ICAL online TEFL course. Typed in their school website, and reading through their homepage couldn’t help but literally laugh out loud at the advert for a ‘Professional Outcall Massage’ a little way down between ‘General Articles’ and ‘TEFL Employment’. Very unprofessional and it doesn’t inspire confidence in future students. Would recommend stopping this asap. Lost for words really.

And now to my review…

…I wasn’t really that impressed with my course study with ICAL TEFL.

On a positive note, they are quick in responding to your emails, and they do provide feedback on the work submitted.

But. The feedback just came over as overly officious and borderline condescending, and the course itself is unnecessarily convoluted. It feels like they went out of their way to make it purpose difficult so people would feel they were getting their money’s worth.

ICAL TEFL is one of the oldest online TEFL schools and it shows. They really need some fresh blood in the company. Fresh blood that can completely revamp the course materials, and fresh blood that doesn’t think adding Adwords ads on their homepage is a solid business move.


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