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“if you just badly need a TEFL certificate pronto, you could look into this course as a last option.”

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The Course Mix review, submitted by Veronika P.

A little bit about my background first. I’m not a native English speaker (from Czechia) but I speak English at a Proficiency level. My Mother is Czech, and my Father is German, so I’m not able to apply for the same types of jobs which native English speakers routinely can. Despite this, I was offered a short-term teaching position at a kindergarten type of school in the south of Thailand, and despite just being offered a six-month “contract” it was requested that I quickly take a TEFL course online. I really don’t know why but I wanted the job so badly and quickly looked around for a no-thrills certificate online course. The Course Mix TEFL came up and ignoring the reviews I enrolled, passed, and was able to satisfy the school Principal of my teaching “credentials”. I can definitely see the reason for the negative reviews-I’m not on here to justify this course-but if you just badly need a TEFL certificate pronto, you could look into this course as a last option. I wouldn’t recommend it if you are needing to be competitive in the job market, but if you just need a piece of paper that says TEFL on it then why not go with this incredibly cheap option?

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