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“All in all a very good course, with some relatively minor niggles.”

4 star online tefl review

OISE University of Toronto TEFL review, submitted by Philip.

The U of T online Tesol course is a really convenient form of gaining Tefl certification without needing to travel anywhere to take the course. All study is conducted through your electronic device – I took the entire course via my ipad (more on this in a bit).

I originally chose U of T as I live in Canada and wanted to take my certification with a Canadian company just in case I ever decided I wanted to teach in Canada. As U of T online Tesol is recognized by the university, I imagine that finding teaching work through the Canadian schooling system won’t be a major issue.

To start off, I want to add a disclaimer to this review that I had no prior Tefl knowledge before getting started and I have never taken another Tesol course, so I am in no position to compare this course with similar ones also featured on TTR. For me, the course did its job and without it I wouldn’t have felt capable of going into a classroom to teach my mother tongue language.

However, there were a few (relatively minor) issues of which I do feel the need to address. 1. The U of T online Tesol website isn’t fully compatible for viewing on an ipad. In hindsight I should have borrowed a notebook from someone to take the course on. 2. I noticed that towards the end, the study materials became repetitive and it felt to me this was to reach the 100 hour goal of the first section. 3. I never received any feedback on my written assignments, which I felt was counterproductive for such a course. Other than these three notes of contention all went without a hiccup.

There is a consistent gripe about the cost of this course – and I do sympathize with people who feel it is expensive compared with other online Tesol courses – but for a course recognized by the University of Toronto, I took this into account when biting the bullet and purchasing the course.

All in all a very good course, with some relatively minor niggles. I haven’t begun my job search yet – so can’t comment on the Teach Away job finding service – but when I do begin my search I’ll be sure to add a comment below to let you folks know how this goes.

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