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“Overall I was satisfied with this choice of online tefl certification course choice.”

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Premier TEFL review, submitted by Charlie.

The learning content was good and I got a lot out of it, despite this being primarily a theoretically-focused course. I guess when I’m ready for getting the teaching skills practicalities I will develop them with the knowledge I attained in this course, in my first classroom setting. I studied the 240-Hour TEFL Expert course and managed to complete everything within the 90-day time limit, but if you do need more time then Premier TEFL are helpful in that they can extend your course for a further 90 days, but this does incur additional costs. I also liked how Premier TEFL was quick in responding to questions and their responses were always constructively professional. If I could then I would change a few things about the course, to make it a bit more challenging. But overall I was satisfied with this choice of online tefl certification course choice.

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