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“a super-affordable alternative to the residential course”

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tefl online pro review, submitted by Jane.

The sole reason for choosing the Hybrid (140-hour) course was the 20 practice hours component of the course; making this a super-affordable alternative to the residential course (in Paris) that I was considering taking at the time. As far as I can see, the only difference between taking this combined course and a residential one (apart from the significantly lower course price) was that I didn’t need to be stuck with a new group of people for 4 weeks, whom I might or might not have gotten on well with. I now have my international certification from tefl online pro which states the course modular components and the number of teaching practice hours taught. It is exactly the same certificate that I would have received had I spent a few thousand $ more and flown to France to take the course onsite, which I felt I was being pressurized into taking by the TEFL school in Paris which will remain anonymous. Don’t believe any onsite (residential) course school when they tell you that you must take one of their courses. It is BS. If you are looking for a TEFL course with teaching practice hours, which you can take anywhere you want to (I took mine at my local high school) then you should save your $$$$ and take a combined online/onsite course. You can’t go wrong with the tefl online pro-Hybrid (140 hours) course. I’m flying out to Lyon next week to begin my TEFL job. Awesome, right?! 🙂

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  1. Thank you very much for your thoughtful review, Jane. Reading your feedback was a wonderful start to my working day today 🙂 We really appreciate the feedback that we receive from our graduates. We also think Lyon is an excellent choice of teaching English location for you. Please remember that we are here for you whenever you have any questions. And btw, don’t forget to check out one of the many Lyonnaise bouchons in the city, which serve up some of the most incredibly affordable, traditional French meals.
    Paul Murphy
    Operations Manager

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