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“Two big thumbs up from me!”

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5 star online tefl review

tefl online pro review, submitted by Peter Glanvill.

In my opinion, this is an excellent school that puts its customers first. A rarity in today’s quick-dollar corporate climate. I’ll be brief as I can and list the pros and cons of my TEFL ONLINE PRO study experience.


  1. They are really quick to get back to you when you need to ask anything and this extends beyond the initial sign-up process.
  2. Their website is nicely designed and this also goes for the course itself. I was able to study on my laptop or mobile and had no responsive issues whatsoever.
  3. They are very transparent with what you get for your money and there are no hidden charges.
  4. I fully enjoyed taking the course. For some reason, I thought it would be tough going and while it definitely isn’t easy, it combines a fun learning element with each end-of-module quiz.
  5. The course is very thorough. This definitely ain’t no TEFL mill. I worked on it for a few hours a day and had it finished in just over 3 weeks.
  6. You don’t have to wait around for your certificate. It arrived in the post almost exactly a week after I’d finished up.
  7. You have your own designated personal tutor who must also have a computer strapped to her arm as replies to questions came almost instantaneously.
  8. It’s not the cheapest course and it isn’t the most expensive and I thought the price point was excellent value for money for what you receive.
  9. The certificate is recognized worldwide so you can literally choose any country where you would like to teach (I am teaching in Spain incidentally).
  10. Their support doesn’t end when your course does. They actually ratchet their service up a notch after you’ve all finished up and need that all-important job support service.


  1. After you’ve paid you receive an automatic confirmation of order complete email and a second email with your course username and password. I would have liked to have received all of this information in one email instead of the two received.
  2. The course I took (120-HOUR PROFESSIONAL) comes with 2 bonus units (TEACHING YOUNG LEARNERS and TEACHING BUSINESS ENGLISH) and although I was pleased with the Business English unit, I don’t have any plans to teach children or teenagers so I wish I could have chosen not to take that unit.

In conclusion, I definitely recommend taking a course with this school. The course only costs a couple of hundred bucks and for what you get you could easily pay much more with another school. The course was challenging (in a good way), the service was at a high level and you can use the certification around the world. I only wish more companies operate as they do. Two big thumbs up from me!

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  1. Thank you very much for taking the time to submit your review, Peter. If I may address two of your issues raised in your review: 1. Yes, the (WooCommerce) system which we use does issue two separate emails when course purchase has been made. The first email confirms for you the details of your order, and the 2nd provides you with your course login details. We are unable to change this system and we do find that it is an effective system as it doesn’t overload customers with too much information in the one email. We do understand your concern though and thank you for bringing this point up. 2. Most other courses charge extra for the Business English and Teaching Young and Very Young Learner units, but we include these as complimentary, bonus features in the course. It’s true that customers are required to study both units to complete their course, and both units were added to the course syllabus because out customers requested these additional teaching skills training. We understand that some customers have no desire to teach children or teenagers, but it is always an advantage to have another string to your bow and who knows, perhaps in future you might be required to have taken this section of training. We are so happy that you found the course to be an excellent experience and I just want to take this opportunity again Peter to thank you very much for choosing to take your international TEFL/TESOL online certification course training with tefl online pro. Please remember that we are here whenever you require further assistance and if you ever decide to move on from teaching English in Spain then we will be right here for you to support you again through our International Job Guidance Team. ¡Tener un día precioso! 🙂
    Paul Murphy
    Operations Manager

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