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TEFL Express review, submitted by Edward.

I really can’t fathom all the negative TEFL Express reviews. If you only pay £28 for a 120-hour TESOL course then you shouldn’t be expecting God’s gift to TEFL training. Yes, there were issues such as grammatical errors in the texts, and the lack of any real substantive course content, but for the money I paid, I doubt I could have got a better deal anywhere else. Yes, the support is atrocious and the resulting certificate looks like it might have been printed off my grandson’s bedroom HP printer. But again, for the price you need to realize that this course’s main value is that it will add value to your resume/CV and I thought it was a half-decent introduction to TEFL. A good refresher course if you like. Yes, the 120-hour advanced certificate program could easily be completed in 24 hours if you felt the need to, and yes, the course feels very monotonous as soon as you begin venturing into it, but I think this course is a good choice for anyone who simply needs a piece of paper which says they have completed a 120-hour international TEFL certification course. Just a shame that the certificate does look so cheesy. I understand that I can use a certificate like this one for most job application forms as my college degree will be doing the muscle work at the interview, but please TEFL Express. Please at least come up with an embossed certificate and not one that I would half expect to have the main Disney characters laminated on with it.

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