TEFL Course Review of Uni-Prep Institute TESOL Certification Online Program

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2 star online tefl review

UNI-Prep review, submitted by Martin.

This online course consists of (in my opinion) questionable video content consisting, followed by multiple choice questions, which you need to pass to progress on through the course units. Within 2 weeks after finishing up, you will receive your Uni-Prep TESOL certificate.

I appreciated that the course had a video tuition element to it but each video runs for about 20 minutes and can begin to grate on your boredom nerves after the first few units. The video quality wasn’t always the easiest to follow and understand. It’s a really easy course to pass and if you don’t pass it means you got 50% of the answers wrong. So yeah. You only need to attain a 50% pass grade to be able to say you completed your TESOL course. What I really didn’t like was that they kind of make it mandatory for you to write a review after the course and to like their Facebook page. I thought this reflected really badly on how they run their business, but did explain why I had seen so many positive reviews of their program online.

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