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ITTT review, submitted by Robert.

Coming in to take this course I had no previous teaching experience so I was very happy completing the course (120-hour) and discovering what skills and information are needed for this profession. Grammar is a difficult area to teach but this course handled it well and I was honestly surprised at how much I (a native English speaker) didn’t know about my own language! Without this course, I still wouldn’t be able to explain to you simple definitions of grammar terms and usage, such as time tenses. The materials were also delivered in an easy-to-understand format so this made the different unit tasks easier to comprehend. And for the price, I thought it was well worth it. My only niggle with the course was the difficulty of the lesson planning task which I thought wasn’t practical enough and this is an area I will need to develop on as I look to be getting started in my first teaching job soonish. I did have some help with looking for work afterward although ittt might consider helping their graduates more once their course is complete. However, I was genuinely shocked at just how much work is available out there and I do feel like a whole new side to the world suddenly opened up to me!

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  1. I am about to pay for the course but after reading so many disappointing reviews I’m ha ing 2nd thoughts. Especially where persons claimed they are awaiting their certificate for over 3 months.

  2. I failed the exam at an average of 74.22%. When I asked what I should do, they asked me for $ 150. I am already paying a fee when registering for the course, why would I pay again? In the agreement we made, it did not say that if I fail the exam, I will pay again. what is your purpose Is it really training? I want you to give me another chance. I am currently unemployed and cannot afford this money.

  3. cecilia.

    Thanks for stopping by and for leaving your comment.

    74.22% seems quite a high grade to fail an exam.

    All companies are bound by their Terms and Conditions, so if the $150 isn’t mentioned there I would question the fee and ask the school exactly where in the terms it is written.

    If they can’t provide this information, they might be fishing for money in the hope that you will pay up.

    Then again, it might be in their terms so my advice is to fully read through so that you can be 100% certain if it is something you agreed to or not.

    If it isn’t mentioned in their terms, and if they won’t budge, you should provide a copy of your written communication with the school to your credit card company and request a refund.

    Mia Williams

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