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tefl online pro review, submitted by Chris.

I’m writing this review from my apartment in central Tokyo, Japan, where I have been teaching at an international school for the past 9 months and literally loving every moment of my life spent here.

It’s true that I could have found teaching work without the tefl online pro admin support team, but without their help, I would probably have just opted for one of the many programs around like the Jet program which easily finds you work and which won’t pay you as much and generally treat you just as another teacher statistic on their books (all according to the opinion of an assistant language teacher I bumped into last weekend who went through one of these placements from abroad programs and who now still teaches 285,000 yen per month public school classes, despite having lived in Tokyo now for almost 10 years now).

I knew I needed to avoid these placement programs, knew I didn’t want to teach really young children and I knew I didn’t want to start off by teaching at an eikaiwa, so after I had finished my Hybrid course Online/Onsite combined TEFL studies with tefl online pro, I took full advantage of their International Job Guidance Support Team services and eventually, after little more than a few weeks, they had helped find for me a really ace teaching position at one of the more prestigious international schools located in Tokyo.

I believe that my previous teaching experience was a motivating factor for the school choosing to employ me, the international reputation of tefl online pro, and the character reference that tefl online pro produced on my behalf and which helped turn a “not sure” into a “you can start in 2 week’s time”.

My overall impression of my tefl pro online experience is that they offered me an excellent course with awesome support.

I’m currently earning, as I write this review, 390,000 yen per month and have been told that by the end of this school year and at the start of the next year one that this salary will increase to over 400,000 yen per month. Seeing as though most new TEFL teachers start out at 250,000 yen per month, I think I’m doing pretty fine in my first year of teaching English in this wonderful country.

So besides being very satisfied with the Online TEFL course (140-hour Hybrid) which I took with tefl online pro, I’d say that this review is focused mostly on their after-sales support.

I had read through so many reviews of other online tefl school programs before committing to tefl online pro that it seemed obvious a lot of schools just take your money and pay you far less attention once the money is in their hands. With tefl online pro of course they want your money too. They are a business. But I really was blown away by their after-course support and without them, it’s extremely doubtful I would have landed such an amazing job here in the part of Asia where I always had dreams of traveling. And now I get paid to be here! 🙂

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  1. Hi there Chris! I’m so happy that everything worked out well for you! あなたは私たちの最も優秀な学生の一人でした. If you ever require further support then you know we are here to help you. Tokyo is an amazing city! And it just got even amazing by having such a talented teacher make the move over there. Thank you so much for such a wonderful review of the online tefl pro experience!
    Paul Murphy
    Operations Manager

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