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“I have no idea if they really teach anything or not”

Is Henry Harvin Education legit?

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No. Henry Harvin Education is not a legitimate Online TEFL/TESOL certification course provider.

Henry Harvin Education threatened Trusted TEFL Reviews to delete a negative (verified) customer review- a threat involving a supposed company lawyer of their company.

When that never materialized, we saw how they began spamming the less reputable TEFL review websites with what appeared to be an onslaught of coerced and fake customer reviews.

Trusted TEFL Reviews recommends avoiding Henry Harvin Education.

Essential Tip!

It is imperative that you choose a Fully Accredited TEFL/TESOL online international certification course program.

Such courses will open more employment doors for you and provide you with better teaching salaries – for both online and in-person English teaching jobs.

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Henry Harvin Education is not a Fully Accredited TEFL course provider.

It is accredited by AAEFL, which is not a reputable accreditation provider.

Think about it. Would you employ someone who chose a TEFL certificate that was issued by a dodgy accreditation body?

Trusted TEFL Reviews’ advice is to invest in a Fully Accredited TEFL/TESOL certificate – a TEFL/TESOL certificate that will be accepted for all online and in-person teaching English jobs.

Is Henry Harvin Education TEFL Legit and Accredited?
Henry Harvin Education claims to be a USA-based Online TEFL/TESOL certification course company. This is not true. Henry Harvin is an India-based company. The TEFL certification awarded by Henry Harvin Education is unaccredited and subsequently unrecognized by online and overseas employers. Verified student feedback highlights the issues of poor customer service and expensive hidden fees with this company, as well as not being able to use the certification in many countries where it is usually possible to teach English with a TEFL/TESOL certificate.

The main reasons for this Buyer Beware Warning:

  1. The TEFL certificate awarded by Henry Harvin Education is not accredited and not recognized by online and overseas TEFL school employers. Furthermore, the certification awarded is not possible to be legalized for the work visa process in the majority of Southeast and Northeastern Asian countries. The only country where this certificate is fully recognized in India, where the certificates are awarded from.
  2. Henry Harvin Education employees have attempted, on numerous occasions, to write their own company reviews and tried to get them published on Trusted TEFL Reviews. Trusted TEFL Reviews has a zero-tolerance policy toward fake reviews.
  3. It might seem like an attractive proposition to save money by purchasing a dirt-cheap Online TEFL/TESOL certification course, but you will be wasting both your money and time by doing so.
  4. A common complaint made by verified customers of this program is that they have easily completed the whole “120-Hour” course within one day, and have further complained that they learned very little during the course.

Instead, we recommend choosing to take your international TEFL/TESOL certification course with a program offering a fully accredited course that is far more recognized internationally than Henry Harvin Education TEFL.

The four highest-rated Henry Harvin fully accredited alternative course options, listed in order of customer review ratings:

  1. TEFL Online Prohttps://teflonlinepro.com/
  2. OISE Toronto TEFLhttps://teflonline.teachaway.com/
  3. CIEE TEFLhttps://www.ciee.org/
  4. Maximo Nivel TEFLhttps://maximonivel.com/

CIEE TEFL, Maximo Nivel, OISE Toronto TEFL, and TEFL Online Pro are Level 5 and CELTA-equivalent Online TEFL/TESOL certification programs.

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CIEE TEFL verified customer reviews:


Maximo Nivel verified customer reviews:


CIEE TEFL, Maximo Nivel, OISE Toronto TEFL, and TEFL Online Pro certificates are Fully Accredited and internationally recognized. Henry Harvin TEFL certificates are not fully accredited and are not internationally recognized.

TEFL Online Pro won the Teachers’ Choice Award in 2019, 2020, 2021, and 2022:


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Is Henry Harvin Education legit?

1 star online tefl review

Is Henry Harvin Education Legit Henry Harvin Education review, submitted by Joe.

Is Henry Harvin Education legit?

Any positive reviews you read are fake about Henry Harvin. This is a big scam. I have no idea if they really teach anything or not. Their website looks real but I doubt it is a real educational institution. I received a blind email that read:

Hey ********** J
Are you interested in applying for a $22/hour English Teaching Job Online?

Companies like VIP Kids, Qkids, Dada ABC are hiring 10000+ ESL teachers each month due to the recent surge in demand in Asian countries.

To analyze your profile and suggest suitable requirements to help you get this job.
Book a Free ESL On-Call Consultation: Click Here


Michael *****
ESL Job Consultant

First of all, how did they get my email? They do not have my resume or know anything about me.
Second, just to see what would happen, I clicked on the link and scheduled an “interview”. I then scheduled a Zoom video interview with someone named Linda.

I then received this email:


Your Career Consultation- TEFL Certification with Henry Harvin at 07:01pm (Central Time – US & Canada) on Monday, September 7, 2020 is scheduled.

I am Linda, an ESL Career Consultant

Want to get a $20/hr Work from Home ESL Teaching Job by doing American Association Approved TEFL Certification Course:

How YOU Benefit?

– 100% Interview Guaranteed immediately after enrollment

– Prepare you to grab a $3000/month job

– Qualify for 12000+ Jobs from 6+countries

What YOU Get?

– Get Immediate Access to 120hrs TEFL course

– Exclusive LMS Access

– Outstanding Academicians

– Best Pedagogical Practices

Book your appointment for 30 Minutes Consultation to understand how it can help you to become a TEFL Trainer.


Linda ******

+1 ***-***-****

At 7:01 Monday, Labor Day, CT, I signed into the Zoom “Interview” and no one connected. I called the 408 phone number listed in the email and a woman who barely spoke English herself said she was having computer trouble and asked if we could do the “interview” by phone. Which I agreed to do.

It was not an interview at all. This Linda was reading from a script and telling me basically the same thing that was in the previous two emails. I asked her how they got my email address and she said she was working from home and could not answer that and would refer my question to the “complaint department.” (?)

I asked her why she was interested in having me teach if she knew nothing about me and did not have my resume. She then repeated (read) the same information from her script over again.

I asked her if this was a scam and if would it cost me money. She replied that it was not a scam and would cost me no money.

I asked her why she was not asking for my qualifications. She replied that she would do that next. Instead, she read the same script over again from the beginning.

I forced my qualifications on her and then she ignored what I said and read the same script from the beginning for the fourth time as if she did not even understand what I was saying.

I interrupted her and asked her what I needed to do to get started, log in to the website, schedule students, and get paid.

She ignored that and said that I need a high school degree or a BA. I told her that I had a BA in English and had taught ESL for many years. She then said that the ESL “companies” they work with require a special certification. I told her I had no such special certification. She then, finally, admitted that I must have that and that Henry Harvin could provide that but it WOULD COST MONEY!

At that point, I simply said, “I knew this was a scam to get money out of me. This ‘interview” is over.” And I hung up.

I immediately designated their email address and phone number as SPAM.

Do not get involved with this. They are in India, not San Francisco, and even though they have a San Francisco phone number and address it is most likely fake.

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The 5 Best Online TEFL & TESOL certification courses in 2023 & 2024 - trustedteflreviews.com


  1. Joe,

    Because you instructed us to hide your full name, we felt it only fair that we also extend this to the Henry Harvin Education staff full names and emails that you listed in your review.

    Mia Williams

  2. Swati Gupta,

    Trusted TEFL Reviews received your Facebook private message, warning us to delete the above review.

    For the sake of transparency, this is (word for word) what Swati Gupta wrote:

    “Hey admin, this is not a right way to promote a website by publishing negative reviews of any business. Doing marketing by publishing negative review is a good strategy. Remove this comment: https://trustedteflreviews.com/2020/10/09/henry-harvin-education-trusted-tefl-reviews/

    Swati Gupta, this review was submitted by a (verified) Henry Harvin Education TEFL reviewer.

    Trusted TEFL Reviews will not be deleting this review, but you are welcome to respond to the review by leaving a reply below.

    Mia Williams

  3. Update: 5th December.

    Trusted TEFL Reviews has received 5 Henry Harvin Education TEFL reviews today – all submitted within a period of a couple of hours. Trusted TEFL Reviews has also received a substantial amount of traffic today from India, where Henry Harvin Education TEFL is based.

    When asked to provide (dated) proof of course enrolment, none of the so-called reviewers were able to supply this information.

    What also seemed strange to us was how the first sentence in the first 4 reviews follows the same Name/Rating/School structure. This is strange because while it is usual for reviewers to mention their name, rating, school, it isn’t usual for all of this information to be listed in the first sentence of a review in this mirrored format.

    In addition to these red flags (noting also the inclusion of broken English) the style and emphasis of language in the first 4 reviews reads very similar.

    We are publishing these reviews (verbatim) below and our readers can make up their minds for themselves as to whether they think they have, or haven’t, been written by real Henry Harvin Education TEFL graduates:

    1. Amelia Scott 4.5/5 Henry Harvin TEFL Review
    As an English teacher with 5 years of experience, I wanted to take my teaching career a step up and start teaching abroad as well. I looked for several EFL teaching jobs, but I could not find a well-paid one, as per my experience, without a TEFL certificate. This is when I started looking for TEFL courses online which I could continue along with my previous job. I came across Henry Harvin Education’s self-paced online 120-hour TEFL course.
    As soon as I sent in a query, I was immediately connected through SMS with a counsellor named Michael. After all my queries were cleared, I enrolled with the course on February 25th, 2020. I must say I got really lucky because I joined their TEFL academy. I was impressed by their well-structured comprehensive learning material and learnt many tricks to make my classes more engaging and interactive.
    So, indirectly, even my students benefited from this course because I could make my classes more fun for them. However, that is not the best part of the course. The best part that clicked with me was their placement support. As soon as I completed the course in about 8 weeks, I received my TEFL certification which made me eligible to teach English abroad as well.
    Post-TEFL certification, I regularly started getting emails by the Henry Harvin placement support team. Soon I had a long list of lucrative job opportunities abroad and online with companies like GoGoKids, Qkids, Magic Ears, and VIPKids. I must say, they are not one of those institutes who leave you high and dry once the course is completed. They helped me prepare for the various interviews and provided other career services.
    All in all, it turned out to be a very favorable association for me and my career. My salary saw exponential growth after their TEFL accredited TEFL certification. I am happily teaching English with a great salary to Chinese kids today. So, I recommend everyone to try out their course and give your teaching career a boost.

    2. Sophia Lopez 4.8/5 TEFL Henry Harvin Reviews
    Hello friends, I am Sophia Lopez. If you guys are looking for a TEFL course then you have landed on the right page. I am here to share my wonderful experience with Henry Harvin while doing this course.
    How do I came across with it? Looking for multiple options online for doing this course, I found Henry Harvin as one of the options. I checked all the reviews and details and got myself enrolled for the course. Now having completed this course I would like to answer a few questions for which almost everyone is searching the answers for. Yes, I am quite satisfied with the choice I made.
    Now are you looking for the key points that made this course special for me? So here it is. I found the course content and the placements very impressive. Very elaborative and descriptive content which helped me to learn the basics clearly. In addition to this, my learning was made easier by the trainer I was taught. I can very confidently say that all my queries were resolved in no time, all the content was delivered in an impressive manner making even the hardest things quite easy to understand.
    How do I rate this course with Henry Harvin? I can say 4.8/5 would be the apt rating according to me as doing this course with Henry Harvin proved to be fruitful. The continuous support and mentoring provided at every point of time made the things go in a very smooth manner. All my doubts regarding the future scope with TEFL were answered and I found a path to move ahead forward.
    So, if TEFL Certification Course is in your bucket list, here it is the right time and the right place to start with. Hope this helps you and makes your task easier.

    3. Emily Moore TEFL Henry Harvin Feedback 4.7/5
    Hey, are you here looking for TEFL Course reviews at Henry Harvin? I would surely share my experience with the same. My name is Emily Moore. I have completed my TEFL Certification Course with Henry Harvin few months back. So, just to assist you to make a right choice here is my feedback about the course.
    How I came across Henry Harvin? I heard about this training institute through one of my friends. He did some online course with this institute and suggested me to go through the website once. Since he was satisfied with all what he learnt, that took me into confidence about doing TEFL Course from here. I contacted one of the counsellors named Linda, who assisted me in getting all the basic details like course duration, fee structure and placement and job opportunities about this course. Well convinced by everything, I got myself enrolled for the course and after completion I realised it was worth it.
    With excellent course content, covering all the necessary key points in a very detailed and descriptive way, experienced trainers and 100% placement assistance, I can say that my efforts in doing the course were result oriented. I am completely satisfied with what I invested in. Since this course demands teaching students all over the world, I was also mentored and guided by my trainer to how to go ahead with TEFL jobs abroad.
    I would like to rate this course with Henry Harvin as 4.7/5. Being an authentic and genuine institute, the support provided by the management helped me to complete this course without any difficulty. So, I would just like to say that my hard work in learning this course has paid off. Hope this review clears all your doubts about this TEFL course at Henry Harvin.

    4. Mason Davis 4.5/5 Henry Harvin TEFL Review
    I have been an English teacher for 6 years but recently I decided to advance my teaching career by teaching English abroad as well. Though I had a 6-year teaching experience, I could not find a lucrative EFL teaching job without a TEFL certification. That’s when I decided to look into TEFL certification courses online so that I could continue with my local teaching job. Fortunately, I found Henry Harvin Education’s 120-hour self-paced online course for TEFL certification.
    I raised a query with them and was instantly connected with their counsellor, Lisa through SMS. She cleared all the queries I had after which I enrolled in their TEFL course on April 21st, 2020. Due to my extensive background in the field, I completed the course in only 6 weeks. Their well-structured comprehensive curriculum amazed me and taught me enough tricks to make my classes appealing and immersive. So, not just me but my students were also benefited as I could make classes fun and enjoyable for them.
    But the best part of the course was the placement support I received after the course. After finishing up my course, I got the TEFL certification at once which opened the doors to teaching English abroad and online for me.
    Once I received the certification, Henry Harvin’s placement support team started sending me emails regularly for various job opportunities with companies like GoGoKids, Qkids, Magic Ears, and VIPKids. Soon they had lined up a bunch of interviews for me which they groomed me for and gave other career-related services. This was the thing that set them apart for me from the other institutes. Most of the institutes I looked into during my extensive research for TEFL courses pulled back their hands immediately after the course was over.
    So, all things considered, it was a very profitable and beneficial investment for my career. My salary saw an enormous jump after the AAEFL accredited TEFL certification from Henry Harvin. Gladly, today I am teaching English to many Chinese adults and kids with almost double the salary.
    I recommend every English teacher to get their TEFL certification from Henry Harvin, they have been a huge help to me.

    5. I am Jeremy Jackson and I’ll share my experience of taking the TEFL course from Henry Harvin, and how I got placed after completing the certification. Getting certified from Henry Harvin is a truly proud feeling for me.

  4. Due to the fact that Trusted TEFL Reviews has been receiving some questionable Henry Harvin TEFL reviews, all further Henry Harvin TEFL reviews will be listed below on this page.

    It is up to you, the reader, whether you judge them to be real, or fabricated.

    We are not going to comment on any of the reviews.
    We are simply going to publish them ad verbatim, and let you make up your minds for yourselves.

    Mia Williams

  5. The outstanding platform, accessible and comprehensive. Highly recommend Henry Harvin TEFL course, more resources are offered and the assistance is second to none. The examinations and tasks are well thought out and cover all areas. It is obvious that a great deal of thought has been taken in devising and providing the material and the presentation and arrangement is outstanding. I surveyed every platform but this TEFL course stood out in all aspects and I would highly suggest it.
    The Henry Harvin provided me with academic units that were user peaceful, stimulating and challenging to accomplish the best results from their learners. I feel prepared to pursue jobs abroad in English teaching after completion of my class. I have appreciated being part of the Henry Harvin academy community and have met incredible and inspiring future educators. I am thankful for the mentorship and accessibility to expertise employment. I received the methods to take forward in my education journey. Overall, I am very glad with the experience of obtaining my TEFL course through the Henry Harvin Academy.

  6. Hi, I am Emma Robinson I am here to share with you my experience with the TEFL Certification course that I have completed recently with Henry Harvin. So, here are my TEFL Reviews which might help you to figure out how to go ahead.
    Let me first tell you how did it all start? Willing to make my career in teaching English, I searched for many options and realized TEFL Certification is most important for bright career growth in this field. I explored several institutes for doing this and came across Henry Harvin website. I thoroughly checked all the course details and also read Henry Harvin TEFL Reviews on various websites. When I was finally convinced with all the details, I enrolled myself for the course and got started with it.
    Now you all must be wondering what’s so special about this course with Henry Harvin? Yes, nothing extraordinary but something different. Though I would appreciate all; the trainer and the placements but the best part which fascinated me the most is the course content provided. This 120hrs self-paced course is split into various sessions that can be covered online. The content covers all the points starting from the very basic which helps to understand everything clearly. The pictorial representation of the content enhances the knowledge provided.
    In case you are looking for TEFL Reviews or confused about where to do from, check the other websites for Henry Harvin TEFL Reviews and you will get all your doubts cleared. Personally, I found doing this course with Henry Harvin very productive because it helped me to enhance my knowledge of the domain. Also, I came to know many of the career opportunities that this course will lead me to. In simpler terms, if the rating for the course is concerned I would like to give it a 4.7/5.
    Hope this TEFL Review helps you to make the correct choice for various career options ahead.

  7. Hi. One thing I am certain of, having wasted my money and time on the Henry Harvin TEFL Course, is that the vast majority of their online reviews must be fake. I was expecting a comprehensive course that would effectively train me to teach English. Obviously. The course was sparse on content and it only took me three days to complete. How can a 120-Hour course only take three days? My conclusion is that this is just a TEFL mill, backed up by fake accreditation credentials, and the owners flood the internet with fake reviews in the hope to sell more of the same rubbish. It really upset me too how Henry Harvin treated me. When I asked for a refund or partial refund they refused to communicate with me any further. Have since contacted my bank and am hoping to win a chargeback from these hustlers. The course is advertised quite cheaply, but they ask you for more and more money- for things not advertised on the Henry Harvin website. My recommendation is to avoid these scammers. Your TEFL certificate will be worthless anyway. Nigel

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