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Fake Accreditation Warning

Fake Accreditation Warning The TEFL Academy review, submitted by Mia Williams.

Fake Accreditation Warning.

The TEFL Academy ( claims to be accredited by Ofqual, TQUK, QUALIFI, DEAC, AQC.

This is intentionally misleading because these are regulatory bodies and not accreditation bodies.

TEFL students are reporting to Trusted TEFL Reviews that when applying for jobs outside of Ireland and the UK, their TEFL Academy certificates are often not being accepted – both in the job interview process, and in the work visa process.

It also appears that The TEFL Academy is employing graduates of their program to act as ‘Brand Ambassadors’ – pushing the notion that only a TEFL Academy certificate will suffice and that other TEFL TESOL programs are an inferior product.

If you stumble across any blog or other website that is critical of any Online TEFL TESOL program other than the TEFL Academy – offering The TEFL Academy as an alternative, better option – we recommend taking the contents of that blog or website with a healthy helping of salt.

It will simply be a front for directing readers to an alternative TEFL course: The TEFL Academy.

In conclusion, The TEFL Academy certificate will be fine if you plan on teaching English in Ireland or the UK. However, for international teaching jobs, we would recommend choosing a Fully Accredited and internationally recognized TEFL TESOL certification course program.

Institutions providing Online TEFL programs Fully Accredited status include:

ACCET Accrediting Council for Continuing Education and Training |

ACTEFLC Accreditation Council for Teaching English as a Foreign Language Courses |

OISE University of the Toronto Faculty of Education |

TESL Canada |

University of Cambridge’s English Language Assessment |

Online TEFL courses that are directly accredited by a Ministry of Education also enjoy Fully Accredited status.

The following Online TEFL/TESOL programs (in alphabetical order) are Fully Accredited and internationally recognized:

Bridge TEFL | | Bridge TEFL verified trusted TEFL reviews.

CIEE TEFL | | CIEE TEFL verified trusted TEFL reviews.

Maximo Nivel TEFL | | Maximo Nivel verified trusted TEFL reviews.

ontesol | | ontesol verified trusted TEFL reviews.

OISE University of Toronto TEFL | | OISE TEFL verified trusted TEFL reviews.

Oxford Seminars | | Oxford Seminars verified trusted TEFL reviews.

TEFL Iberia | | TEFL Iberia verified trusted TEFL reviews.

TEFL Online Pro (Teachers’ Choice Award winner, 2019 | 2020) | | TEFL Online Pro verified trusted TEFL reviews.

Trusted TEFL Reviews recently tried to reach out (twice) to The TEFL Academy, for a clear answer to their bogus accreditation claims. For reasons of fairness, we also reached out to a competing program of The TEFL Academy – TEFL Online Pro – and the results of our telephone conversations can be read in this article:

Learn more about TEFL TESOL accreditation:

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