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“Do NOT waste your money on the TEFL Fullcircle online TEFL course.”

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1 star online tefl review

TEFL Fullcircle review, submitted by Angie.

Do NOT waste your money on the TEFL Fullcircle online TEFL course. Not only are the lesson plans insanely dull but the company itself is horrendous. Terrible navigation issues too. The only thing they care about is money. I had sent in my final assessment and never received any sort of confirmation which leads me to believe they never actually read it and you literally just waste your time creating the written exam and lesson plan. Not only does it take forever to grade the final assignment but they also lie when they received it in hopes of extracting more money from you. The certificate when you finish is not free either! I read many bad reviews of this program, but chose to ignore them. I was blinded by the incredibly cheap course price. In the end, you will just be throwing your money out the window. Avoid like the plague!

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  1. Just read this review. Had similar experience with TEFL Fullcircle rip-off TESOL online course. Strangely, they have hundreds of 5-star reviews on Groupon (where they sell their courses at significant markdown)
    I’d place good money on waging that most of those reviews are fake. Very shady indeed.

  2. AVOID TEFL Full Circle!
    Yes, it’s a cheap course, yes they have a funky-looking website, yes they promise you a whole load of services but just don’t deliver on them.
    I paid my $39 course fee only to discover an out of date study content platform and absolutely no support once I’d finished. The certificate they issue looks like a 6th grade student designed it.
    I just had to swallow the loss and chose to take the TEFL again, this time with tefl online pro.
    It was like night and day.
    The tefl online pro course is user-friendly and I was able to complete the course on my tablet and mobile. I learnt a lot on the course and they helped me with visa info and finding work.
    I definitely recommend taking your online TEFL with tefl online pro. 100%.

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