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“I seriously doubt there are any better programs at this price point”

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tefl online pro review, submitted by Jocelyn Holroyd.

One of the conclusions I reached, after researching which TEFL course to take, was that there are two types of TEFL courses. Some are a quick short-term fix, and a select few will train you to be a proficient English teacher. This program belongs to the latter group.


  1. They reply to you very quickly. I sent emails to the school administration, private messages to my tutor, and requested a couple of callbacks so I could speak to someone in person. I never had to wait more than 12 hours for a response. When I read that some other programs take days (or even weeks) to get back to their students, I consider the TEFL Online Pro customer service superb.
  2. It was easy to enroll. I enrolled at 4:28 pm and by 4:30 pm I had received my course login details and a receipt for my purchase. Within 30 minutes of this, I received a welcome email from the administration. It was personally addressed to me.
  3. I paid through PayPal, but they also accept credit and debit card payments. I have a long history with PayPal and know that if a company has been using them for years as their preferred payment method, PayPal has faith and trust in that company. So, I knew that I wasn’t going to get scammed and that my consumer rights would be protected. Plus, the program is accredited, so that is one more layer of consumer confidence.
  4. The course is divided into 12 easy-to-digest, user-friendly study modules. The course starts off on an easy level and progresses in difficulty as you continue onto each new module. After each one, there is a multiple-choice quiz with 10 questions to answer. As well as the 12 modules, there were two bonus modules: Teaching Young Learners and Teaching Business English. These were included in the course for free.
  5. There are also two lesson planning assignments (Modules 6 and 11) that are mandatory to complete. These turned out to be crucial in my understanding of how to structure a lesson plan, and I understood the importance of the activities they teach you in the course because these served as fun elements of my lesson plans. The feedback I got back on both lesson plans was constructive and included suggestions on how I could improve them further. Being able to create effective lesson plans should be at the top of any teacher’s To-Do list, and having expert help with this from my tutor was priceless.
  6. I received the PDF version of my certificate on the day I completed the course, together with a cool-looking letter of recommendation, and the hardcopy certificate was delivered to me a week later. It was posted from an address in California.
  7. The school administration helped me with my resume. They stripped it down to the bone for me and then offered their suggestion of how it should look and which content should be included. I just copied their suggestion because I couldn’t have bettered it myself. They are the experts, and I trust their judgment.
  8. I also asked for their help to find a job and they sent me a list of schools currently hiring teachers for online teaching positions. With my resume, certificate, and letter of recommendation ready, it didn’t take long for me to begin receiving job offers. I teach English online in two schools. One pays me US$72 for a 60-minute class, while the other pays US$61 for a 45-minute class. I am responsible for paying my taxes, so I put aside 15% of my income to cover taxes.
  9. Another major positive of going through this program is that they also have connections with language schools worldwide, so if I ever want to teach anywhere abroad I know that I can.


  1. I found it unnecessarily complicated to access my course for the first time. You enter your username and password on the teflonlinepro.com website LOGIN button. This then takes you to your course homepage, but I had to message my tutor to work out how exactly to access the first module. It turned out that I just needed to click on the course title, but this wasn’t made clear and I think they could make it clearer how to get to module 1. Once you start the first module everything is super easy to navigate. It was just the first login that confused me.
  2. The first module is very underwhelming. It does cover some interesting points, but it doesn’t represent the quality of the other 11 modules and the two bonus units. I understand that they probably make the first module super easy so students can gently ease themselves into the course, but I would have liked a more intense start.

I paid US$249 for the Professional 120-hour TEFL/TESOL course with TEFL Online Pro. The price is usually US$299, but I enrolled with the US$50 discount offer they were running at the time. The level of quality and support I received, combined with what the certification has enabled me to accomplish in my professional life, makes this course, in my opinion, absolutely worth it. I seriously doubt there are any better programs at this price point.

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    We can’t thank you enough for the kind words about our 120-Hour Int.Cert.TEFL/TESOL course. Your review means a lot to us and lets us know we’re on the right track!

    Wishing you continued Teaching English Online success, and a very happy Easter holiday.

    Thanks again!

    Paul Murphy

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