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“Is Let’s TEFL Legit?”

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Is Let’s TEFL legit? Let’s TEFL review, written by Cristy.

Is Let’s TEFL legit?

The course content might be very good but what is the point of a well-written syllabus if you have to wait for what feels like forever for videos to stream? I began my course with a lot of enthusiasm but ended up losing patience because of their video loading issues, even though I have high-speed internet at home. When I complained about this, Let’s TEFL replied saying it must be something to do with my internet speed. My internet speed has always remained fast but to troubleshoot I checked playing videos on YouTube and Vimeo whenever I experienced a video streaming issue with Let’s TEFL, but there were no steaming issues with either YouTube or Vimeo, so it couldn’t be an issue with my internet speed. The course taught me a lot but the technology obviously hasn’t been updated for at least 10 years and it really shows. I can’t comment on the Let’s TEFL job placement service because I’m not going to begin searching for teaching work until at least this time next year but from what I’ve read I would avoid accepting a job placement because you’ll just be paying a percentage of your monthly salary to Lets’ TEFL for the convenience of finding you a job. Seems like there are still lots of jobs out there, so when I do start looking I’ll do an independent search online if Let’s TEFL doesn’t help with job guidance and only job placement.

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